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Chromebook / ChromeOS

Tip: Configuring Phone Unlock for ChromeOS

Tip: Configuring Phone Unlock for ChromeOS

With ChromeOS, you can sign in to or unlock the device when your Android phone is nearby.


  • A phone with Android 5.0+, Smart Lock, and Bluetooth.  Additionally, the phone must have a lock screen, be unlocked, and be within 100 feet of the ChromeOS device.
  • A Chromebook with Chrome OS version 40+ and Bluetooth.


To do it…

[1] On the ChromeOS device, go into Settings.


[2] In the People section, select Screen lock.

[3] You’ll be prompted for your login password. Type in the password and then select Confirm.

[4] Tap or click the Setup button next to Smart Lock.

[5] Follow the onscreen instructions.




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