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Tip: Changing the Default Sharing Method for ChromeOS with Android Apps

Tip: Changing the Default Sharing Method for ChromeOS with Android Apps
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Those that install and use Android apps on ChromeOS may find that they no longer want the Android app handling requests. For example, if you want to share a web page or document using the web browser but at one point you told ChromeOS you’d rather use the Twitter Android app (as shown in the next image), locating how to change this back can be difficult.

For this tip, we’ll continue using Twitter as the example. To change the default back to the browser, you have to alter the setting for the Twitter Android app. However, this setting does not exist in the Twitter app itself. It’s a global setting and can be found by going through the ChromeOS settings.

To change it (again, using Twitter as the example – but this applies to any Android app), you locate it by…

[1] Go into ChromeOS settings and locate and access the Google Play Store setting.

[2] Inside the Google Play Store area, select Manage Android Preferences.

[3] Once the Android Preferences page opens, select Apps, and then locate and select Twitter.

[4] With the Twitter settings page open, select the Open by default option.

[5] Finally, choose how you want ChromeOS to react when you choose to share to Twitter.

Again, this applies to any Android app you have installed. Just locate and alter the settings for that specific app. Some other examples would be LinkedIn, Facebook, Reddit, and others.


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