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Tip: Add Alexa to Your Apple Watch

Tip: Add Alexa to Your Apple Watch

You might think that because you’re part of the Apple ecosystem that you’re stuck with the poorer performing Siri personal assistant. Though Apple does force Siri to be the default assistant on most devices, you can still install Microsoft’s Cortana app and use Alexa through or Amazon’s Music and Shopping apps.

But, those apps are for iPhones and iPads. What if you want to use Alexa on an Apple Watch?

Developer Atadore has now released to the iTunes store an app called “Voice in a Can” which installs and runs on both an iPhone and iPad, but also runs standalone on the Apple Watch.

Voice in a Can brings Alexa to your Apple Watch, iPhone and iPad. It works on your watch standalone, without needing your phone.

Not all content is supported, for example audio books, music, podcasts and some flash briefings.

When your screen goes blank on your watch it disconnects from the Alexa service, so we recommend increasing the app timeout on your watch. Also, the best results will be obtained when your watch is operating without your phone nearby because then it will connect directly to the internet and not use your phone to connect.

Get it: Voice in a Can 12 – Alexa for your Watch and Phone


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