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This year’s grand prize for winning in the Twitter Army at MMS 2012 is…drumroll, please…

A huge THANK YOU to SolarWinds!  The grand prize for this year’s Twitter Army winner is an orange Vespa S 150 I.E. provided by SolarWinds!  In fact, this bad beauty will be sitting in the booth (#651) all week long so you can Tweet about it and get your pictures sitting on it.  And, please, please, as a big community thank you, make sure you visit the SolarWinds web site and tweet the heck out of this!

If you’ve been watching here, you know that SolarWinds recently acquired EminentWare for their 3rd party patching solution for ConfigMgr.  Definitely drop out and see what they have to offer:

SolarWinds Patch Manager

So, this is just one more reason to make sure and join our Twitter Army for MMS 2012.  We’ll go over this and other fine details during the Monday morning briefing. 

Check out the details for the Twitter Army at MMS 2012:

Twitter Army at MMS 2012 details

Vespa S 150 I.E.

Twitter Army grand prize

Advanced technology and iconic styling are the trademarks of the Vespa S. With its clean essential lines, the Vespa S 150 is a minimalist version o the legendary 1970’s models, and proof that the young spirit of Vespa is still very much alive.

Max. Speed: 59 mph
Gas Mileage: 70-75 mpg
MSRP: $4499


Check it out in full detail:!s=home/s-150-i.e


P.S. We will have other prizes to give away, too.  All will be discussed during our Monday morning briefing.

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