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Patch Management / Windows

The Windows Versions Still Waiting on Meltdown/Spectre Updates

Microsoft has delivered almost all the updates it has been preparing to handle the Meltdown and Spectre vulnerabilities for Intel and AMD processors. But, there’s still a few that the company has yet to release.

Those are:

Windows Server 2012 Security Only
Windows Server 2008 SP2
Windows Server 2012 Monthly Rollup
Windows Embedded 8 Standard

When these updates are released, all of the operating system versions that the company will support for this security issue will be mitigated.

As for unsupported Windows versions, Microsoft has also stated that…

We will not be issuing updates for Windows Vista or Windows XP-based systems including WES 2009 and POSReady 2009.

For those still running Windows Vista or Windows XP, Microsoft recommends upgrading to a supported version.

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