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The TSA approved MMS 2012 attendee bag

Functional and stylish, I’ve seen folks walking the halls at MMS 2012 already with the laptop section of the MMS 2012 attendee bag unzippered and casting a curious look.

Here’s the explanation.


MMS 2012 Attendee bag

The bag itself, is a nice fit and fully functional with all the cool compartments you’d expect.  Its not a funky design like the past two previous years (remember the mail pouch?), but a straight up useful bag.  It doesn’t look like much until you start digging inside the pockets.

However, there is one zippered compartment that simply halves the bag so that it will lay flat, kind of like how NYC places toast their hotdog buns flat on a grill.  There is an explanation for this, and the MMS folks assured me that the bag is full TSA approved.  Meaning, that if you have your laptop inserted into the back compartment, and you unzipper the bag so it lays flat, this is all the TSA really cares about – you don’t even need to pull your laptop out of the bag, just lay it flat as shown below.


TSA approved?

The MMS folks indicated that this has been tested to work, however, I’m a bit skeptical on my own and will be testing this out for myself at the end of the week as I head back home.

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  1. I still like the 2008 bag better…

    Did you find the hidden. SC2012 usb stick B-)

  2. I still like the 2008 bag better…

    None of my laptops can fit this tiny bag

    Did you find the hidden. SC2012 usb stick B-)

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