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The Resurrection of the myITforum Email Lists

The Resurrection of the myITforum Email Lists

For those in the  know, the company that owns myITforum had a severe outage in February, in which a lot of data had to reconstructed. myITforum was included in this outage. Most the site came back in the short term, but we’ve been working to put back together other areas of the site. One of the more treasured areas of myITforum is the email discussion lists that have been maintained for close to 20 years. These lists have provided literally tens of thousands with technical solutions 24×7, but also helped build strong community and friendships that have transcended the online world. This has shown itself in conferences like the Microsoft Management Summit (which has been merged into Ignite) and IT/Dev Connections.

Our technical teams have promised to continue sorting out the email lists, but unfortunately, those technical teams can’t understand the value and scope of what these email lists mean to the community at large – and frankly, the natives are becoming restless. So, for that reason we’re moving forward without them. In the old days, we’d just pop-up the old email list software, ask folks to resubscribe and get back to business. But, the new company has security access policies where we just can’t do that now. So, instead, we’re pushing forward with Google Groups as the backend for the lists.

The Google Groups option is actually pretty spectacular. Running and maintaining lists on this platform gives us automatic archives, automated email bounce management, RSS feeds, and even a web-based interface where subscribers can search through threads or even participate in the list directly in a web browser. We’ve had a few folks testing the new list platform already and email delivery is fast and consistent.

These new features are just bells and whistles, and the email lists running on Google Groups works just exactly like the old lists.

We have a few of the lists already available and we’ll be working to put the rest out there. If you have a particular list you’d like to see come online first, let us know and we’ll move that up in the checklist.

The currently available lists are here: myITforum Email Lists

See you in my inbox!

P.S. Make sure you review the Email List Information at the bottom of each email list page. This gives you links and information, including how to setup your Inbox rules.

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