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The original XBOX: Reusing old technology to fill present-day requirements

Who says you can’t go back?  Eddie Money sure thought you could (video below for those who either a) don’t remember this, or b) are too young to know what I’m talking about).

I had a requirement over the weekend to install a DVD player in my bedroom.  We’ve had DVD players in our bedroom since time began, but with four kids, things get shuffled around to fulfill their requirements.  Sometime during the shuffle, I lost the ability to watch DVDs in my room.  DVD players are cheap these days, but it was late at night, I was too lazy to drive out somewhere and pick one up and I really, really wanted to see what I had lying around the house to provide the solution.

At one point in our lives, we were a 3 XBOX family (original XBOX’s), so I knew we had these sitting around somewhere.  Back in the day we had all 3 XBOX’s hooked-up and networked so we could play the original Halo against each other.  Sure, we could sit right next to each other and play on the same console, but what’s the fun in that when the person next to you could cheat and see your screen (I’m guilty)?  We were even in the original XBOX Live beta test (circa 2002), some of the very first people online for Microsoft’s upcoming gaming network.  Ah, the good old days.  I even still have the Beta T-shirt and wear it quite often.

XBOX Live beta T-shirt (front) XBOX Live beta T-shirt (back)

So, after digging in the basement and locating our old XBOX’s I became aware that I could NOT find the DVD kit that is required to turn the original XBOX into a DVD player.  I probably searched for a couple hours and ended up finding things I had completely forgotten about, but could not find the DVD kit.  One of the awesome things I determined during this whole experience is that accessories for the old XBOX are dirt cheap.  Since, I couldn’t find our old DVD kit, I ordered one from  We’re Prime members (highly recommended) so the DVD kit was here the very next day with no shipping charges.  So, at the end of my purchasing experience, I spent exactly $5 on the kit.  For $5 I am now able to watch DVDs in my bedroom once again.  Last night, I was enjoying one of the Six Million Dollar Man TV pilot movies.  In essence, I was watching retro entertainment on a retro entertainment device.  How much better can it get?

Here’s my hookup:

XBOX with DVD Kit

And, I have to tell you, the familiar sounds of the original XBOX booting up and the all too familiar screens bring back really fond memories.  I’m half tempted to grab all of our old games and start working through them.  The graphics aren’t as good as the latest XBOX, but the gameplay is the same.

Familiar friendWarm, green, and friendly

Incidentally, I still have two additional, original XBOXs.  Nice to know that I can do exactly the same thing if the need arises, or my DVD viewing once again gets lost in the family shuffle.

So, as Eddie Money knows, you CAN go back…

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