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The MMS Session WMV Files on iOS

As a Mac user who works in the Microsoft world, there are times when those old rifts still exist. Sometimes it’s more of a mindset and not an actual limitation. That’s what happened over the weekend. I used the posted process to download all the MMS 2012 sessions and found that they were .wmv files. Thinking old school, I started to look into converting the files to something more Mac’ish. The utility I had used previously is no longer supported and no longer work on OS X Lion. I finally found that Handbrake would batch convert a directory into a different format.

While the iMac was chugging away converting the files, I started to question my intention. I wanted access to the sessions on two devices, my MacBook Pro and my iPad. The MacBook Pro had an easy solution with VLC installed. The real limitation was the iPad. Then I remembered an application called Azul.

Azul is an application marketed as a video player for taking movies and TV shows with you while you travel. The detail page states that, “Azul is the only movie player that allows you to play almost any video format”; but I only needed one: .wmv files. A quick installation allowed me to transfer the files through iTunes and they worked perfectly. The files look and sound great without any conversion necessary. I now have access to watch these sessions anywhere; no rifts, conversions or limitations.

More Information about Azul:

Note: I was unable to get video to work through AirPlay with Azul. So I kept the process of converting the files through Handbrake just in case I needed them.

Azul Screenshot w/ MMS Sessions

MMS Sessions in Azul

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