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The MMS 2012 conference bag

The conference bag is one of the most sought after, most commented on, and most enduring pieces of the Microsoft Management Summit history.  In addition to keeping certain booth SWAG and the myITforum party buttons as memorabilia, for a lot of people the bags are a reminder of MMS years past.  Some were great.  Some were horrid.  But, they all have a place in our hearts and some still deep in our home closets.

Working on some other stuff for MMS yesterday, we were chatting with the MMS crew over email about the bag for MMS 2012.  So, just to update you all, the bag has been ordered. 

What does it look like?

Pictures are forthcoming.  Stay tuned.

In the interim, we can’t leave you without a photo of *something*.  Here’s some MMS bags from yesteryear. I say, some, because we’ll end with the 2007 bag and include the more current bags with the 2012 bag reveal shortly.  Hover over each photo for the year and caption.

1998 - the original! Simple but effective, and we were so glad to have an affordable SMS conference that no one complained.

1999 - Computing Edge got much more involved, but budgets were still tight

2000 - very similar to 1999's bag, but without the Wise logo

2001 - more substantial

2002 - much more substantial, but the text is subtle. It says Altiris, intuitive mangeability

2003 - Now this is a substantial bag! It might be my favorite, if I was doing a lot of smallish trips by plane. But bags of this size are a hassle to get home, and I find them to be too bag for the conference. But everyone else seems to like them. And it's now the Microsoft Management Summit, presumably sponsored primarily by Microsoft

2004 - back to a more traditional bag

2005 - Another very substantial bag!

2006 - What happened here? AMD obviously got involved, and they mustn't have been familiar with the trend so far. By this point in time we should have been getting shopping carts! (just kidding, but I do look forward to when the bag escalation gets to the point where we each get a minivan for our swag). I did hear a lot of complaints about this bag. Maybe future sponsors should check out this page so they can see what attendees are used to.

2007 - another substantial bag

2008 - The Super Backpack

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  1. The 2008 bag is still my everyday IT bag 🙂
    I tweaked it a bit but it is an awesome bag.
    My wife uses the 2011 bag as her everyday bag 🙂
    Funny thing is she just figured out it has a built in bottle opener a few weeks ago and that it doubles as a compression strap.

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