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The Greater Philadelphia System Center User Group

Just got off the phone with Scott Stumpf, manager of the Greater Philadelphia System Center User Group (, and they are doing some amazing things in Philadelphia.  I was not aware of this User Group until recently, but after talking with Scott, they are going gangbusters even in the few short months they have been organized.  They are doing so well, they are considering starting another User Group in the area to accommodate the need.  They are averaging 30-50 people per meeting and will be involved with the MMS Roadshow in their area after MMS 2012.

They meet once a month and have the entire 2012 year planned already.  You can see the meeting dates assembled on their web page. 

If you’re in the area, Scott would love to have you.  We have added them our list of myITforum support User Groups today.  Looking for a User Group you can call your own?  You can find the entire list here:

Vendors…if you’re looking to visit User Groups (and you should be!), drop us a note and we can help get you connected with this group. 

They require any sponsor to help with food and social event costs, which runs about $500, but this gives the meeting sponsor the top tier for presenting.  They also require the presentation to be more technical in nature.  If you have a product that provides a solution to a problem, that is fine, however, make sure to focus more on the solution instead of sales and marketing fluff.  Don’t show up with 10 sales people – that’s just a general User Group meeting no-no.

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