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The Game of Simon Comes to Echo Buttons

The Game of Simon Comes to Echo Buttons

Remember the game of Simon? Released in 1978 by Milton Bradley (which was later acquired by Hasbro), it was a popular toy staple of kids growing up in the 1970’s and 1980’s.

The original Simon was an electric game of memory skill. Comprised of four differently colored light squares, the game would emit strings of colored and audible codes from easy to hard. Players would have to get the sequence right or the game was over. The game was as much fun as it could be frustrating.

The folks at Amazon have now put together a skill called Simon Tap. Simon Tap recreates the Simon game for Amazon’s Echo Buttons. The game requires four Echo Buttons, which incidentally, is the max number of buttons that can be paired with a single device.

The game follows the same routine as the original.

Where to get the skill: You can locate the Simon Tap Skill in the Amazon Alexa app, enable it using your voice, or use the following web link: Simon Tap

Where to get the Echo Buttons: Echo Buttons, an Alexa Gadget (2 Pack)

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