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The Daily Debrief at IT/Dev Connections 2018

The Daily Debrief at IT/Dev Connections 2018

Each year, based on attendee feedback and popularity of mini-events, the conference adds new features. Essentially, this conference continues to grow because of community feedback. Its always transforming into more of what is important to IT Pros and developers.

This year, one of the new features is the Daily Debrief.

According to the IT/Dev Connections blog:

What is the Daily Debrief?

At the end of each conference day we set aside 2 complete hours for a Daily Debrief for each content track (Cloud, Data, Developer, and Security). The Daily Debrief provides direct access to the day’s speakers setup in a panel format where attendees can ask questions directly. Each Daily Debrief is emceed by the Track Chair. This gives attendees the opportunity to ensure that the day’s content delivery is clarified and understood and also opens occasion to solve the most difficult problems facing the organization.

This will be an amazing end to each conference day. Imagine attending a conference and getting exactly what you need to enhance your professional life and solve your most critical business and technology problems.

The conference runs October 15-18 in Dallas, Texas.


Looking for an awesome, no-nonsense technical conference for IT Pros, Developers, and DevOps? IT/Dev Connections kicks off in Dallas, Texas in 2018!

IT/Dev Connections

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