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The advantages and disadvantages of System Center Configuration Manager – setting the record straight about Helium

For the longest time, I’ve seen a specific article entitled “The advantages and disadvantages of System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM)” batted about the social mediasphere like a rotten apple that won’t stay buried in the landfill.  The social media world creates an interesting ecosystem where something can be repromoted over and over again, and sometimes when it shouldn’t.

For example, this article has been retweeted (Twitter) over 10,000 times.


BTW: This has not been retweeted on purpose.  Its part of a bot that aggregates content automatically.

I’ve sat and watched this article get posted over and over and am always afraid that someone will pick it up and actually believe it.  The site its posted on, Helium, is a content farm, like those that Google has been targeting for removal from their search engine results. The information in the SCCM article is 1) out of date, and 2) not accurate (particularly if you read the ‘disadvantages’ section).  Its written as if the author is an expert in Configuration Manager and actually has some experience with the product.

The original article was posted in September of 2009, by a Caryna St. John, who has written a total of 1,431 articles and only one is on any System Center product.  In those 1,431 articles, Caryna has also written pieces on “The top 10 graduation songs of all time,” “How to write an effective movie review” and “Which type of divorce is right for you” – not what I’d call an expert on System Center by any means.  That’s not to say that System Center admins aren’t proficient in other areas, or don’t have hobbies outside of System Center, but you get the gist.

If you feel as I do about this article (that its total hogwash and only serves to confuse people), feel free to help me petition the site owners to have the article removed.

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  1. Almost a year old post I know, but in reading the original article, just the fact that he used the words “ultra-secure” and Vista in the same sentance (#4 in advantages) means I don’t believe he knows what he is talking about.

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