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Thanks to our MMS 2012 myITforum Party sponsors!

Microsoft, 1E, BDNA, Enhansoft, Phoenixtekk, Nexthink

You’ll see the above image emblazoned at the bottom of our new MMS 2012 newsletter each week, but we also want to make sure you know who is helping kick-off the best party of the week at MMS 2012.  Please read through and visit the websites of this year’s party sponsors as a way to thank them for offering you a chance to eat, drink, and be merry at MMS 2012.

Microsoft – Hmmm…who is Microsoft?  Gee.  Let’s see…oh, yeah, they are the one’s putting on the best technical conference on the planet!  Thanks so much to the good folks at Microsoft for the party support, but also for the huge support for myITforum over the years!  Web site:  Microsoft Server and Cloud Platform

1E – Here’s a bit of trivia: Did you know that 1E was the first-ever sponsor of myITforum?  Yep.  It’s true. When we set out to develop this strong community, some 14 years ago, 1E was the very first company to say, “We get it!”  Focused on saving companies LOTS of money through their various software solutions, 1E’s biggest pride has come from loving community.  Web site:

BDNA – BDNA has been a strong support of myITforum for the last year or so.  Our paths crossed at MMS 2011 (who remembers the SCCM tattoo?), we built a strong relationship over the past year, and together, have developed one of the hottest online events, the SCCM Guru series.  BDNA offers a unique CM plug-in that makes ConfigMgr data actually usable.  Web site:

Enhansoft – If you’ve never heard of Enhansoft, you’ve been living under a rock the size of Texas. Run by MVP and long-time community member Garth Jones (Canadian, eh), Enhansoft is about the only company around that provides accurate and detailed ConfigMgr information through queries and reports. Using Enhansoft’s tools you can even inventory printers, routers, and monitors!  Web site:

Phoenixtekk – You may not know the company name (yet), but I’m pretty sure you all know the man behind this consulting company.  Phoenixtekk is the brainchild of Richard Dixon.  Many of you remember Richard when he worked at Microsoft, covering the early stages of Network Access Protection.  Richard has been on many of our MMS experts panels over the years.  A few of you may also remember Richard at MMS based on his ability “style” like no other.  Phoenixtekk is an expert consulting organization, working with ConfigMgr environments.  Web site:

Nexthink – Nexthink is the new kid on the block.  Well, not really. Founded and headquartered in Switzerland, Nexthink is a huge success.  They have only recently developed an add-on for ConfigMgr that gives you real-time reporting of any part of your ConfigMgr infrastructure.  Seriously. I’ve seen the demo, and it is as real-time as you can get with any technology.  From a monitoring perspective, it puts even OpsMgr to shame.  You’ll agree with me after you see their demo at MMS 2012.   Web site:

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  1. Will people again be able to make a donation to to reserve a ticket and avoid the “Running of the Bulls”? I’d rather be on the watching end this year if possible!

    • Hi, Zach!

      We will not be opening up donations this year, specifically for party tickets. Sorry!

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