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Task Sequence/MDT Referenced Packages by DP – SCCM Report

This report is based off the canned report in ConfigMgr called ‘Packages Referenced by a specific task sequence’ but it also includes references to packages from the MDT database (location, roles, makemodels) and also is queried by distribution point.

This report is meant to give you a complete look at all packages that may be referenced by a task sequence AND the MDT database and give you the results by distribution point. This allows you to have a quick look at what distribution point might be missing a referenced package, especially from the MDT Database as the task sequence does not verify these packages before it begins.

The Assigned column states if the package has been assigned to the distribution point. The State column displays the status of that package if it has been assigned.

Assigned column must be ‘Yes’ and State column must be ‘Ok’ in order to get all expected packages installed from that distribution point when running that specific task sequence with those MDT values applied.

Linked Servers

This report *does* use Linked Servers in order to access the MDT database. If you are not familiar with setting up a Linked Server in your SQL environment, check out these articles here first.

Garth Jones

John Nelson

Edit Report

Once you have created a linked server, all you need to do is import this MOF as a report. Then edit the report and replace every piece of the report that has [] with your linked server such as [MySQLBox]. This also includes the SQL statements in the prompts as well.

P.S. My linked server is an IP address as seen in the report because on my test network my MDT database and SCCM database are both on the same server. And you cannot create a link to the same server by name, so you must use something like an IP Address. Technically if they are both on the same server you could just create views in SQL to do this instead of linked servers, whatever you prefer.

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MDT DB Ref Report

MDT DB Ref Results

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