Unlock SCEP Data with New SSRS Reports

Frustrated with Microsoft’s built-in System Center Endpoint Protection (SCEP) reports? Enhanced Web Reporting’s new SSRS reports make it easier for you to understand what’s happening in your environment. Three new reports will show you the quick and full scan times of PCs based on collection and specific model types, as well as show you the client impact that each scan type has on a specific computer model. Watch this video! Here’s what one of our customers had to say: “The average scan times per model revealed what we could expect for a given model, anything over that we could drill down to and remediate. The same report also told us how much quicker our newer kit was compared to our older models, which was a tangible result. What we got with these new SCEP reports is the evidence to make...

Only Two Minutes to Mobile Management!

By Garth Jones Earlier this year I presented an Intune session at three stops on the MVPDays Community Roadshow. One thing that became abundantly clear to me was that most organizations do NOT have a good handle on mobile device management. After doing a bit of listening I heard that even when a company has a security policy in place stating that only corporate devices can connect to Exchange Servers, there are many exceptions to this rule. This leaves network, ConfigMgr and Exchange admins in the dark about who or what devices are connecting to their environment. Here’s my #1 tip: Just get started! To help you out I created a video to demonstrate how you can setup the Exchange Connector with Configuration Manager in less than two minutes. By doing this simple step you will be able to capt...

Mobile Application Management (MAM) in Action

By Garth Jones Mobile Application Management (MAM) is great because it allows ConfigMgr admins to manage applications (such as Outlook), and NOT devices. The best part is that the Intune client is NOT needed on each device. Why is managing applications and not devices important? Three reasons: · Convenience · Privacy · Security Instead of each employee having two smart phones (one for business and one for personal use) MAM allows employees to only need one smartphone. This is important as more and more staff are bringing their personal smartphones to work and are connecting to their organization’s email system and Wi-Fi. Managing applications means that organizations do NOT get to invade the privacy of staff by managing their personal smartphones. Employees will be happy to know that their...

ConfigMgr and Apple Push Notification (APN) Certificate Renewal

By Garth Jones There’s something very important you need to know about the Apple Push Notification (APN) certificate. You need to renew it BEFORE it expires! If you don’t renew it before the expiration date you’ll need to re-register ALL of your Apple devices. Who wants to do that? Not me! From my personal experience I can tell you that you can’t wait to renew the APN certificate a few hours before it expires. I’d suggest that at a minimum you renew it at least a few days before the end date. Even though there are several blog posts and videos out there that will tell you how to install/create your APN certificate, I didn’t find many about how to renew the APN certificate. It turns out that the renewal process is not that difficult. In fact it is almost identical to how you would install/c...

Customize SSRS 2016 in Under 30 Seconds!

By Garth Jones As I reviewed my blog posts about SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) 2016’s custom brand package feature (New SSRS 2016 Custom Brand Package Feature, How Do You Configure and Import the SSRS Brand Package, and Matching SSRS Brand Colors with SSRS Site Items) I realized that I didn’t touch on the simplest way to customize your SSRS site. Adding your organization’s name! Yes, I know that I could go into a long-winded speech about how easy it is to add a company name, but instead I put together this short how-to video. Keep in mind that any changes you make will apply to all users on the site. Customize SSRS 2016 in Under 30 Seconds Video In the video you will see that in under thirty seconds I was able to brand my SSRS site with Enhansoft Inc. This takes your site to the nex...

Solve Monitor Resolution Issues Quickly

Oftentimes an improperly configured monitor resolution results in distorted onscreen images. The mistaken assumption is that the monitor is old and needs replacing. Don’t throw out your monitors! Instead, use Monitor Information Reporting to tell you which monitors need to have their resolutions reset. Watch this quick video to see how easily you can get reports about monitors with non-ideal settings.

Turn On Remote Error Reporting

If remote error messages are not enabled, SSRS will not display the actual reason behind an error message for security reasons. In order to troubleshoot, however, you need to know what is happening, so watch this video to see how easy it is to enable remote errors. Once you turn on remote error reporting you will be able to see the actual reason behind any error message. Complete step-by-step instructions can be found in this blog post.  

Where Are My IIS Logs? How-to Video

By Garth Jones In my previous blog post, I provided you with the steps to determine the correct Internet Information Services (IIS) log file location for your MP. You need to determine this location when troubleshooting hardware (HW) inventory. To help you out, I created a video that will show you the steps that I took to find the correct IIS log file location for my MP. If you have any questions, send me a tweet @GarthMJ. Older Post Share this Post    

Enhanced Web Reporting’s New SQL 2014 Reports

Ever have challenges trying to find out where each version of SQL is installed? Watch our video as Morgan uses Enhansoft’s new SQL 2014 reports in conjunction with Configuration Manager 2012 to track down where the Business Intelligence Edition version of SQL 2014 is installed in his environment. Read more about the new reports added to Enhanced Web Reporting this year.  

Enhanced Web Reporting’s New Service Reports

Do you need to audit service accounts? Watch this video to see how quickly Fred is able to get the information he needs through Configuration Manager by using Enhansoft’s new Service reports. No longer do you need to visit each server individually! Read more about the new reports added to Enhanced Web Reporting this year.