7 Tips for Mobile Device Management

By Garth Jones Thank you to everyone who attended the recent MVP Cloud Roadshow which was organized by the Ottawa Windows Server User Group. I had a great time talking about the 7 tips I recommend for mobile device management with Exchange Connector, Intune (hybrid) and Configuration Manager. As promised, here is a link to my presentation: In addition to my presentation, I would also recommend that you follow the blogs of other ConfigMgr MVPs as most will discuss Intune and ConfigMgr. For a complete list, you should reference the System Center 2012 Configuration Manager Survival Guide. Here are some additional twitter accounts that I suggest you follow: Jeff Gilbert, Gerry Hampson,

Business Intelligence Development Studio (BIDS) Error

By Garth Jones If you work with Business Intelligence Development Studio (BIDS), on very rare occasions you may see the following two errors: This server version is not supported. You must have Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Beta 2 or later. When you click OK you get: The query could not be loaded. Verify your connection string and query string. How do you fix this problem? That is a good question and the ONLY thing that I have found that will fix this is to edit the Dataset properties and copy the data into notepad. Then delete Datasets and re-create it. I can’t explain why it happens, but I seem to get these error messages about once or twice a year, and I use BIDS every day!

Importing SCCM 2012 R2 Security Role Error

By Garth Jones Back in December, while I was setting up a security role in System Center 2012 R2 Configuration Manager (CM12 R2) for a client, I came across an error that I have not seen before. I exported the security role and emailed it back to the client, but when they imported it they received the error message below: Specify an XML file that contains the information that is required to define a Configuration Manager security role. I was a bit perplexed by the error until I found out that they are still running CM12 (RTM) and I’m running CM12 R2 for my main lab. A quick test on my end revealed that you can’t export a security role from CM12 R2 and import it on CM12, but you can import a security role from CM12 to CM12 R2. Normally, I would re-do the security role for CM12, but since th...

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