Service Management Automation

Kelverion Runbook Studio Release 1.2 with support for Azure Automation and SMA

Azure Automation is an incredibly powerful tool but it does require a high degree of PowerShell knowledge and necessities a constant internet connection to be able to develop anything. We realised at Kelverion that this need for PowerShell knowledge and the internet connection would be a stumbling block for Azure Automation adoption at most customers because not every IT engineer mumbles PowerShell in the sleep and certainly the 1st and 2nd line guys don’t speak PowerShell so who is going to support the automation on a day to day basis.   So we released our Kelverion Runbook Studio tool which provides rich graphical authoring of Azure Automation Runbooks without the need for a permanent internet connection. We are now pleased to announce the release of version 1.2 of the Runbook Studio, wh...

Building Your Service Catalog and Service Maps

By Dennis Rietvink The idea behind an IT service catalog is simple – let users pick and order IT services from an online catalog when they need them. The process is supposed to be efficient, straightforward, and transparent, enabling users to instantly see the services available, the timeframes when they can be delivered, and the costs involved. When service catalogs are set up correctly, they eliminate the need for users to directly contact their IT departments. On the front end they look like storefronts for consumer products, with intuitive menus and relevant information about each service. On the back end they are fully automated, routing requests to the right departments or individuals, or automatically fulfilling user requests. A service catalog is a not a one-time, but rather an ong...

Action-Packed CTSMUG meeting on February 5th – Registration is Open!

We have a great meeting planned for February 5th – register now! Here are 3 days of System Center that you need to attend: February 4th – System Center Universe – You can register in person for attending in Dallas, or join us at the Microsoft office (in the arboretum) for the simulcast. We will have […]