The Recent Past and Future of SCCM: User Voice, Rapid Development and Windows 10

Sponsored Blog By Bill Bernat It’s only January, and SCCM is moving like a bullet train. Adaptiva is investing more in Configuration Manager and other Microsoft technologies this year than ever before. To help you understand why, let’s start by taking a look back at 2016. Throughout the history of SCCM, Microsoft has built significant new features and functions into every release, as seen in SMS 2003, SCCM 2007 and SCCM 2012. The next major version was given a super snappy name: “1511.” With this release, Microsoft did something totally revolutionary. Instead of just delivering new SCCM enhancements and capabilities, they re-engineered the way they build them. While SCCM 1511, 1602, 1606 and 1610 deliver a cornucopia of great new features, the big story is the fact that there actually were...

New Year’s Checklist for Configuration Manager

By Garth Jones January is a good time to start off the New Year by checking your Configuration Manager’s environment to ensure that everything is working well. We all know that we should be doing this every week or month, but there never seems to be enough time in the day! Day-to-day activities always seem to get in the way. To help us out, Microsoft produced a guide that lists a number of ConfigMgr maintenance tasks. The guide is great, but I find that it doesn’t give enough detail. Instead, each year, I refer to a list that I put together some time ago. My so-called, “Configuration Manager Health Checklist.” It is designed to start at the top of the console and move down node by node. I’m always, unfortunately, surprised when I run these tests. For example, I discovered that Software Met...

ConfigMgr: Identifying Win10 Credential Guard Hardware Requirements

HP-InstrumentedBIOS  – OMCI_SMS_DEF – TPM Using Microsoft Windows 10 (Enterprise), organizations can now take advantage of a new technology called Credential Guard, which isolates certain types of sensitive data so that only privileged system software can access it. As a result, credential theft attacks (Pass-the-Hash, Pass-The-Ticket, etc.) are prevented by protecting NTLM password hashes and Kerberos Ticket Granting Tickets. While Credential Guard is an effective way to protect against these types of attacks, it comes with a set of specific hardware requirements that must be met in order to implement this new technology. The sections below describe just one scenario for how to use System Center Configuration Manager (2012 or current branch) to identify which systems support/d...

Forefront Endpoint Protection – Synchronization of Definition Update Releases with WSUS/ConfigMgr

The following information can be used to reduce delays between the release of new FEP definition releases, and when the new definitions are available to WSUS/Configuration Manager. Delta FEP Definitions Released daily (every 8 hours) via Windows Update and WSUS at: 3 AM (EST) 11 AM (EST) 7 PM (EST)   Rebased FEP Definitions Released once a month. (“Patch Tuesday”) Includes antivirus and antispyware definitions Accumulation of previous months base file and delta definitions that were released since the previous rebase.   The frequency at which the updates are available to target computers is dependent upon a couple of factors: The frequency at which WSUS synchronizes with Windows Update. The process used for approving the updated definitions for deployment.     Reference...

TechNet Configuration Manager (Current Branch) Forums

By Garth Jones They’re here! The System Center Configuration Manager (Current Branch) forums are now available. You can access them from this link. See you there!

Configuration Manager as-a-Service and Windows 10 Servicing Options

System Center Configuration Manager (as-a-Service) (Update: Additional detail about the three data collection levels (Basic, Enhanced and Full) has been added.) This PowerPoint show (above) is a consolidated resource of the key concepts and requirements about the new ConfigMgr and Win10 servicing options. While the information in the slides is publicly available, the details aren’t in a single location, so it can be difficult to locate all of it. In addition, there seems to be some confusion about this subject right now, so these slides should prove to be helpful for those of us who’ll soon be engaging our customers/organizations on the subject (if you’re not already doing so). In addition to using this for your own education like I did, it can also be used as a foundation for beginn...

MDT Monitor Tool v1.5

Hi, It has been too long since I wrote anything but here comes a small update. Hopefully I get more time to blog all things I’ve been wanting to share soon. I have just updated my MDT Monitor Tool to version 1.5 (Download), this version adds the “Start Time” column. So if you have many deployments ongoing or finnished you can now sort on start time.   New in v1.5: Added Start Time as a value in the columns so you can sort on when a deployment was started Removed the empty column to the left.   New in v1.4: Fixed bug where Dart Remote Viewer didnt work Option to show client local time instead of UTC, edit config.xml to enable/disable   New in v1.2: Fixed Dart Remote Viewer not connection to full ip Issue: 1222   New in v1.1: Added timers for autorefresh...

3 Reasons to use Adaptiva OneSite for Windows 10 Deployment

Adaptiva OneSite is a software solution that can improve SCCM delivery of software, updates, and Windows (OSD) between your SCCM site and other locations, even ones without distribution points.  Adaptiva OneSite doesn’t require a huge infrastructure. It can run a thousand locations with just a single SCCM server and no distribution points. PXE servers, or SMPs. The… Read More »The post 3 Reasons to use Adaptiva OneSite for Windows 10 Deployment appeared first on System Center Dudes.

Configure SCCM 2012 to Inventory RAID Controller Drivers

A RAID controller is a device used to manage hard disk drives (HDDs) or solid-state drives (SSDs) in a computer or storage array. It has the ability to access multiple copies of data on multiple physical devices and improve performance with data protection in case of a system failure. We suggest to keep your RAID controller drivers updated… Read More »The post Configure SCCM 2012 to Inventory RAID Controller Drivers appeared first on System Center Dudes.

How to install an SCCM 2012 Enrollment Point

Download and own part 1 to 18 of the SCCM 2012 R2 Installation Guide in a single PDF file. Use our products page or use the download button below. This blog post won’t be updated, only the document will be.   In part 1 of this SCCM 2012 R2 Installation Guide blog series, we planned our hierarchy, prepared… Read More »The post How to install an SCCM 2012 Enrollment Point appeared first on System Center Dudes.

4th time System Center MVP

This morning I received an email from Microsoft that I am awarded System Center Cloud and Datacenter Management MVP for the 4th year. Here is the email I received: The System Center Cloud and Datacenter Management MVP’s are a great lively bunch of folks. It is an honor to still be a part of this […]

ConfigMgr: Windows 7 32-bit and Software Updates

Posted in CM2012ConfigMgrKB'sSCCMWindows 7Pretty nasty bug out there right now with 32-bit Windows 7 and Software Updates.  If you are struggling with getting your clients to download/install updates.  Check your WindowsUpdate.log, if you see the following error: WARNING: ISusInternal::GetUpdateMetadata2 failed, hr=8007000E Then I’d strongly encourage you to apply the following KB/Hotfix (KB3050265).  Here is also a great article […]