MMS 2018 Recap: A Day in the Life of an OSD Guru

At MMS, I presented a session with Johan Arwidmark called “A Day in the Life of an OSD Guru.” Times certainly are changing, and unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that the way operating systems are traditionally deployed is facing some challenges. Our session attempted to address those challenges by conveying how we think IT pros should handle deployments in their organizations and providing some forward-thinking ideas. Policy Management On-prem management by group policy, while still supported, is considered legacy. As an OSD guru, you need to be forward thinking when applying policy to a device. First, ideally, you should have a new OU for your Windows 10 devices and make sure you’re not trying to apply unsupported policies. If you can’t do that (typically for p...

Comprehensive Guide to OSD Front Ends

So, what are front ends, and why do you need them? Within the Guide to OSD Front Ends, you will learn what front ends are and how you can use them. Included are a variety of other MVP and community tools from MVPs like Niall Brady, Nickolaj Andersen and Maurice Daly, as well as many others to help you get the most out of using front ends. Front ends are about making a task sequence dynamic and flexible without having to pre-define every permutation. Front ends are also about enabling dynamic behavior based on user input as defined at deployment time. They work by populating task sequence variables. These variables are used by task sequences to perform various configurations, conditionally execute a task, or otherwise provide configuration information. There are many variables and different...

How to achieve “stress-free OSD” with Windows 10 and Microsoft System Center

Windows 10 is enjoying record success in the enterprise, but for many IT pros the move to this new OS can be a stressful experience. This session helps IT pros achieve “stress-free OSD” by providing the step-by-step blueprint you need to plan, secure, deploy and maintain Windows 10 at scale. Discover the automation tools, proactive security best practices, and peer-to-peer technologies that some of the largest enterprises use to successfully and securely migrate to Windows 10.   Looking for an awesome, no-nonsense technical conference for IT Pros, Developers, and DevOps? IT/Dev Connections kicks off in San Francisco in 2017!

A Better OSD background for OS Deployment

OSDBackground.exe is a small, and easy to configure, WPF Application that replaces BGInfo as a wallpaper generator during OS deployment with SCCM. It requires PowerShell and DotNet as Boot image Optional components. OSDBackground.exe can run in password protected debug mode, making the built-in F8 Command line support less necessary. The downloadable package includes the application itself as well as a couple of helper scripts and a user guide. Includes Time elapsed, Host information, Current OSD Step, Custom background, and Customizable colors (configured through an .xml file). Download from the TechNet Gallery: Replacement for BGInfo during OS Deployment – Works in full OS on later Windows Source: Jörgen Nilsson Looking for an awesome, no-nonsense technical conference for IT Pros, ...

Supporting Windows 10 in Your Environment

Now that Windows 10 has been released to the public, it’s time to update your environment to support management and deployment of the new operating system.  Below are some of the common toolsets to consider updating, along with links to the relevant updates at release time and some notes. Shameless NinjaCat T-Rex Wallpaper Screenshot (A few ot these items are still pending release as of the Windows 10 public release, but they are expected in short order and I will update the post with the links as they become available.)   Group Policy Admin Templates – While the Windows 8.1 group policy templates contain a lot of the updated settings you might want for managing Windows 10, particularly if you’re moving from Windows 7, there are still some new settings specific to Wi...

3 Reasons to use Adaptiva OneSite for Windows 10 Deployment

Adaptiva OneSite is a software solution that can improve SCCM delivery of software, updates, and Windows (OSD) between your SCCM site and other locations, even ones without distribution points.  Adaptiva OneSite doesn’t require a huge infrastructure. It can run a thousand locations with just a single SCCM server and no distribution points. PXE servers, or SMPs. The… Read More »The post 3 Reasons to use Adaptiva OneSite for Windows 10 Deployment appeared first on System Center Dudes.

ConfigMgr Tech Preview – Deployment Verification!

The ConfigMgr 2012 May 2015 Tech Preview released today! There are quite a few new features to check out, most around MDM and Windows 10, but there was one that apparently got left out of the announcement and documentation. Full documentation: https://technet.microsoft.com/library/dn965439.aspx If you have been a ConfigMgr admin for a while, you have probably heard of Bank of Australia (CommBank) and Emory University. They had some unfortunate mishaps with ConfigMgr deployments in the last couple years. The ConfigMgr community spoke out and it looks like Microsoft answered, we now have some new options under Deployment Verification! Administration > Site Configuration > Sites > Site Properties   I set this up in my lab, so I didn’t have too many clients. I set my Defaul...

10 #1 best practices for OS Deployment with ConfigMgr 2012 R2

Here’s a quick list of the links from my TechEd Europe session this morning.  More info to follow over the next few weeks! “KISS—start simple, and work your way toward complexity.” – Rob Marshall “Automate process to import drivers and create driver packages.” – Kent Agerlund and “Automate, Automate, Automate. Manually building images is not […]

Some of my Hot Picks for MMS Sessions

There are a ton of great sessions at MMS. Here’s a pic of many of the keywords you’ll find in the session titles: There are a lot of great speakers, and I’ll be sad because I won’t be able to attend all of the sessions (only so many slots in a 3-day conference :(, and […]

Automate "UDA Application" Installations During OSD

As I’m escaping the windowless lab a client has set up for me and seeking refuge in a well lit cafe for lunch, I chance upon a colleague who works for a national consulting firm. I invite him to join me, and after the initial pleasantries we start discussing our current projects. To our mutual amusement, we’re both working on Configuration Manager 2012 (ConfigMgr) implementations with desktop deployment components. It is at this point that my colleague shares with me that he is in a bit of a battle with his client over the installation of user assigned applications. User Device Affinity (UDA) is implemented and ConfigMgr Application and Package objects are assigned to User collections, and users do automatically obtain those application when they log onto a managed computer. Th...