Nano Server

Nano Server Will be a Container-only Option with Version 1709

Once touted as the next big thing, Microsoft’s GUI-less Windows Server 2016 option, Nano Server, is being shifted to a Containerized OS image starting with version 1709 – due later this year. Microsoft’s Docs page has been updated with information on what Nano Server will do/won’t do in the next version… Nano Server has been optimized for .NET Core applications. Nano Server is even smaller than the Windows Server 2016 version. Windows PowerShell, .NET Core, and WMI are no longer included by default, but you can include PowerShell and .NET Core container packages when building your container. There is no longer a servicing stack included in Nano Server. Microsoft publishes an updated Nano container to Docker Hub that you redeploy. You troubleshoot the new Nano ...

Tool to Build Nano Server Disk Images

Nano Server Image Builder is a graphical interface to create Nano Server images, bootable USB drives and ISO files. Automate your installation of Nano Server and create reusable PowerShell scripts. Download: Nano Server Image Builder Image Builder also requires the Windows Assessment and Deployment Kit (ADK). Detailed instructions on how to use the Nano Server Image Builder: Nano Server Image Builder Looking for an awesome, no-nonsense technical conference for IT Pros, Devs, and DevOps? IT/Dev Connections kicks off in San Francisco in 2017!