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Fixing the Forced Autodiscover Callback to Microsoft in Microsoft Outlook

Recently, a Microsoft individual made a brash statement toward a customer who is still using Exchange on-premises. For Microsoft, those that are still utilizing on-premises services are archaic and a dying breed – at least the company hopes so. The company makes much more sustainable revenue when customers move to the cloud. However, the response from Microsoft was unkind and the replies from customers were incendiary. You can catch up on that here: Microsoft Draws a Line in the Cloud, Customer Calls It Predatory The problem is that Outlook calls back to Microsoft no matter what and can cause Outlook logins to fail. Outlook assumes that all customers connect to Exchange in the cloud instead of a local Exchange server. Microsoft has been planning the “feature” that caused ...

Script to Enable HTTP/2 Support for Exchange 2019

The RTM release of Exchange Server 2019 doesn’t properly configure cipher suites whitelisted for HTTP/2 on some browsers. This script updates the cipher suite ordering to allow HTTP/2 negotiation on supported browsers. Restarting the server or services should not be required after executing the script. The script should be executed after Exchange Server 2019 RTM is installed on a server. New servers installed using Exchange Server 2019 Cumulative Update 1 or later do not require the use of this script. Download:    

Pay Attention: Exchange 2010 SP3 Update Rollup 24 Requires Elevated Rights to Install Correctly

Microsoft this month is releasing Exchange 2010 SP3 Update Rollup 24, but this particular update requires some special care. If the installation isn’t done using elevated rights, the installation will fail. When you try to manually install this security update in Normal mode (not running the update as an administrator) and by double-clicking the update file (.msp), some files are not correctly updated. When this issue occurs, you do not receive an error message or any indication that the security update is not correctly installed. Also, Outlook Web Access (OWA) and the Exchange Control Panel (ECP) may stop working. This issue occurs on servers that are using user account control (UAC). Microsoft says this issue does not occur if customers allow the installation to be performed throug...

Tip: Enable and Disable Access to Exchange Online PowerShell for a Single User

Exchange Online PowerShell provides the ability to manage the organization’s Exchange environment from a command line. For it to work, the function needs to be enabled. You can use the following to enable access for the user Set-User -Identity user@yourorg.coms -RemotePowerShellEnabled $false Use the following to disable access for the user Set-User -Identity user@yourorg.coms  -RemotePowerShellEnabled $true   Looking for an awesome, no-nonsense technical conference for IT Pros, Developers, and DevOps? IT/Dev Connections kicks off in Dallas, Texas in 2018!

Microsoft Launches Public Preview of Possibly Its Last On-premises Email Server Ever

Email is one of those technologies that makes much more sense as a cloud service than an on-premises proposition. However, to allay fears of those stuck in an on-premises mindset, the company promised at Ignite 2017 that it would release new versions of Exchange, SharePoint, and Skype for Business for on-premises management and usage. Today, Microsoft has delivered Exchange 2019 into public preview. Available for download (.ISO) here: Microsoft Exchange Server 2019 – Preview In the blog post announcement, Microsoft seems to apologize FOR customers who still think on-premises is still even an option… We strongly believe Office 365 delivers the best and most cost-effective experience to our customers, but we understand that some customers have reasons to remain on-premises. Excha...

Microsoft’s Exchange Team Confirms that July 16 Updates Solve Exchange Problems

After the first round of updates this month, the Exchange Team at Microsoft warned customers about the patches, stating that installing them on Windows Servers would cause Exchange to stop functioning. Microsoft has now delivered new updates and the Exchange Team has confirmed that this should resolve the Exchange server issues… We wanted to provide you an update on resolving this issue. The Windows team has removed all bad packages from Windows Update and systems should no longer attempt to download an update which exposes this problem. New updates are being published through Windows Update and should be available for all operating systems by end of day July 17th. The Exchange Team recommends that customers use Windows Update or update the catalogs on their own SUS servers to ensure...

Exchange Server 2010 Gets an Unexpected Update Along with 2013 and 2016 Versions

Microsoft has just released its quarterly updates for the on-premises versions of Exchange server.  Normally, the company just releases for versions still under full support. But, this time, the company has also released an update for Exchange Server 2010 which is in the Extended Support phase lifecycle to resolve the following issue… Our deployment guidance states when these versions are deployed together, load balancer VIP’s can (should) be pointed to servers running Exchange Server 2016. Exchange Server 2016 will proxy calls to an appropriate server version based upon where the mailbox being accessed is located. We have become aware of a condition which could allow proxied EWS calls to gain access to mailboxes on the 2010 server to which a user should not have access. This scenari...

Office 2019 – Including Exchange, SharePoint – Coming in Mid-2018

At Microsoft Ignite today, Microsoft has announced that it will deliver Office 2019 next year. Some have speculated that the company would begin to deliver only Office 365 versions of its collaborative suite, but the company today stated that previews of the products will be ready by the middle of 2018. Products include both apps and servers: Word Excel PowerPoint Outlook Exchange SharePoint Skype for Business   Additionally, though an update for Skype for Business will be included, Microsoft confirmed on Monday that its Teams product will eventually replace Skype for Business completely.   Looking for an awesome, no-nonsense technical conference for IT Pros, Developers, and DevOps? IT/Dev Connections kicks off in San Francisco in 2017!

PowerShell Scripts to Migrate from Exchange Public Folders to Office 365 Groups

Microsoft has developed a series of PowerShell scripts to help organizations migration from Exchange 2010, 2013, 2016, and EXO Public Folders to Office 365 Groups. Download available here: Exchange 2010/2013/2016/EXO Public Folders to Office365 Groups Migration Scripts   Looking for an awesome, no-nonsense technical conference for IT Pros, Developers, and DevOps? IT/Dev Connections kicks off in San Francisco in 2017!

Don’t Install Today’s .NET Framework Update on Exchange Server

As part of the Patch Tuesday goodness, Microsoft is releasing .NET Framework 4.7. As has always been the case, .NET updates can break things customers (and Microsoft) weren’t expecting. Microsoft is aware of at least one glaring issue for the update and the Exchange team is warning customers NOT to install it. In .NET Framework 4.7 and Exchange Server, Microsoft provides its support statement. Essentially… At this time, .NET Framework 4.7 is not supported by Exchange Server. Please resist installing it on any of your systems after its release to Windows Update. However, the company is sure that some customers will have seen the  message too late and is providing guidance on what to do if the update was already installed, which is the basic steps for safely removing the update, ...

Chrome and Firefox Cannot Connect to an Exchange 2016 Server

If you’re trying to connect to an Exchange 2016 server that runs on Windows Server 2016, you’re out of luck – for now. Microsoft is aware of the problem and is expected to resolve the issue with Cumulative Update 6 for Exchange Server 2016. KB article (KB4018464): Can’t connect to Exchange Server 2016 by using Chrome or Firefox Looking for an awesome, no-nonsense technical conference for IT Pros, Developers, and DevOps? IT/Dev Connections kicks off in San Francisco in 2017!

Microsoft Warns Against Enabling Antispam, Installing Exchange Edge on Windows Server 2016

Microsoft today has announced a change to its support policy for Exchange 2016 running on Windows Server 2016. Today we are announcing an update to our support policy for Windows Server 2016 and Exchange Server 2016. At this time we do not recommend customers install the Exchange Edge role on Windows Server 2016. We also do not recommend customers enable antispam agents on the Exchange Mailbox role on Windows Server 2016 as outlined in Enable antispam functionality on Mailbox servers. Details: Exchange Server Edge Support on Windows Server 2016 Update Looking for an awesome, no-nonsense technical conference for IT Pros, Developers, and DevOps? IT/Dev Connections kicks off in San Francisco in 2017!

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