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Success Story: An Enterprise App Store Transforms the Business of Government

The organization faced a number of challenges with delivering applications to 13,000 users around the world. Their users did not know what software was available or what the license costs to the organization were, the manual process for requesting applications often took 4 to 8 weeks, and the manual license reclamation process they adopted to help control costs, was costing over $10,000 per year, and only covered a few of their most popular software assets.

Universal Enterprise App Store – The Real World Benefits

The following article originally appeared on www.enterprisetech.com July 14, 2015 by Alison Diana Bargains Abound at Enterprise App Stores With more than 1.5 million Android apps and over 1.4 million iOS apps for users to choose from, IT departments at BYOD organizations face an impossible support task. Yet the old days of curtailing employee choice and standardizing on one software program for each function costs companies top employees, weakens productivity, and ultimately is no longer an option for most businesses. One answer lies in compromise, in developing multiple IT-approved choices that allow employees to pick their favorite app and don’t...

Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Mobility Management Suites

The Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Mobility Management solutions for 2015 was just released and it's good to see that some of our key partners are positioned as leaders and visionaries. The mobile space has evolved quickly and enterprises are changing right along with it, trying to keep up with the latest trends and technology advancements.

Simplifying Your Windows 10 OS Deployment with an Enterprise App Store

By Jason Snook, Practice Manager at Flexera Software Later this summer, Microsoft will release Windows 10. Windows 10 is a unified platform that runs on computer devices, tablets, and mobile phones, and enterprises are expected to widely adopt the new platform. Unfortunately, some enterprises view OS migrations as a single point in time event and most of the solutions and processes they developed for the Windows 7 migration were thrown away, and must be developed again for the next migration project. This is extremely costly and leaves no lasting solution, or value for continually updating systems and applications. When delivering...

An Enterprise App Store Can Provide Access to Technology Business Users Need Daily

In a recent Forbes article, "You Have The IT Department You Deserve", by Peter High, Mark Sunday, CIO of Oracle outlines his thoughts on how IT should be driving higher levels of value to their business. What do IT leaders need to do in order to improve IT’s performance and its image? Ensure that the basics of IT are operating flawlessly If people do not have consistent and flawless access to data and to the technological tools they need on a daily basis, IT will not have the credibility to become more strategic IT must simplify its portfolio. This means...

Will Windows 10 be the straw that breaks IT’s back?

By Tom Canning, Vice-President, APAC, Flexera Software Windows 10 and its as-a-service approach signal a challenging new paradigm for IT departments. The release of the Windows 10 operating system later this year will spell havoc for enterprise IT. It’s likely that already overstretched IT departments will reach breaking point as Windows 10 introduces the idea of Windows as a service - marking a shift away from three- to four-year operating systems updates to continuous, incremental delivery of new functionality. Given that software drives business today, typically about 30% of an organization's applications require upgrades and migrations every year - even...

The Enterprise Application Lifecycle: Self-Service Deployment and Lowering TCO

Don't miss this webinar with Redmond Magazine, register now The Enterprise Application Lifecycle: It’s Costing You More Than You Know Managing applications used to be a simple “one every few years” exercise of deploying Windows and Office to desktops. Today’s complex daily mix of physical, virtual and mobile application management, is anything but simple. More frequent releases and regular end of life announcements for Windows, Windows Server, and Internet Explorer complicate matters even more. With user demand for more applications, more devices, and expectations of faster response times on the rise, it is nearly impossible to keep up. Shadow IT,...

Get Ready for Windows 10: Join Flexera Software at Microsoft Ignite

With Microsoft Ignite just a few days away, now is the time to start planning for the impending release of Windows 10. Join Flexera Software at Ignite to learn how to do more with AdminStudio and App Portal, and make the Windows 10 roll out at your organization faster and with a better user experience than previous Windows migrations.

Mobile Application Management and BYOD: What's the Risk for Enterprises

The report provides a sobering wake up call to enterprises, underscoring that BYOD risk doesn’t just arise from malicious hackers and rogue nations. Threats to data and security are hidden, as in a Trojan horse, in the most innocuous-seeming apps that employees can unwittingly unleash on the enterprise.

Service Delivery Nirvana: Universal Enterprise App Store

Being a Best in Class enterprise IT Organization is no longer about simply fulfilling employee requests. It’s about keeping systems up and running as well as getting reliable applications to employees when and where they need them. And as more and more devices connect to the Internet, a consistent user experience and end-to-end service delivery is a key requirement for user satisfaction. But, getting the right information, to the right person, at the right time all while keeping the oversight needed to be secure and compliant is a challenge for most organizations.

Using an Enterprise App Store to Shine a Light on Shadow IT

Shadow IT represents the way that the business is making technology decisions independent of the internal IT support teams. With the adoption of cloud and SaaS-based applications, it has become very easy for the business to exclude IT in their technology planning, sourcing, and execution. We must look for ways to move faster. The only way to do this is to collaborate with the business in solving their problems. If we don’t, we will eventually be perceived as irrelevant and unable to provide value to the business. Here are a few strategies to assist in building the bridge and keeping the IT department relevant in the eyes of the business.

Increase the Efficiency of Application Service Delivery

Join us for this informative Webinar where Joni Ferneau, Director of IT Technical Infrastructure for Flexera Software will discuss how she is transforming her IT department into an Agile IT organization by using a Universal Enterprise App Store.

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