Desired State Configuration

DevOps – PowerShell in a Continuos Integration pipeline

This is a recording of my 20mins session at the last Melbourne System Center, Infrastructure and Security User Group. It is a quick dive into PowerShell Desired State Configuration (PSDSC), Pester Unit Testing, Source Control with Gitlab, a Continuous Integration TeamCity server and a short intro into NuGet Package Management. This all falls under the big topic DevOps. This video is more a teaser of what can be done, it’s not a complete guide (those will follow), nor did I talk about every single aspect of it. Also I might have missed a couple of steps here because of time constraints. Enjoy the recording and comments are obviously most welcome.

Global Azure Bootcamp slides and code

Have you been to the Global Azure Bootcamp edition of 2015 in Melbourne? Or you wanted to come, but couldn’t? (after all, it was ANZAC day) Or maybe you just landed here by chance. Either way, it seems you are interested in my session slides and some code snippets from my session on “PowerShell Desired State Configuration on Azure IaaS”. Here you go! Obviously you need to change some variables and the Azure_IaaS_DSC_DEMO_publish.ps1 does make some assumptions, but have a look and see how far you get. Great event and proud to have been part of such a huge worldwide event!

Windows PowerShell DSC – classes – resource basics (part 2)

In part one of this miniseries I explained some principals around using the new class keyword in Windows PowerShell DSC resource modules. If you haven’t read that article yet, go find it here: This part 2 will concentrate on the enum keyword and the three main functions in each resource class. Enum -erate input One of the most important things in every script (no matter what language) is error handling. PowerShell and DSC is no exception here. For me, part of error handling is also to validate input  users can provide your script or application with. Enum is used to implement constant values inside of a variable. A limitation […]