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Tablet Shipments Grew, Amazon Gained Traction, and Microsoft Nowhere to Be Found

IDC today has released stats on what it calls the “slate” and “detachable” tablet market, of which many might assume that Microsoft would register somewhere in the top 5 with its Surface devices. But, while the Surface line may appear popular based on promotions and social media hype, Microsoft’s hardware didn’t make the list. It should be noted, though, that the report focuses on worldwide shipments and not just the U.S.

Interestingly enough, even with Apple retaining the lead, Amazon was able to gain market share by passing Samsung to sit at number two. Amazon produces consumption tablets that are just “good enough” while Apple and Samsung have long battled at the top of the list with leading specs and overhyped and sometimes groundbreaking new technology. Amazon’s reach across various industries with its personal line of devices is growing and this is just another area where that is becoming evident.

Full report: Detachable Tablets Return to Growth During the Holiday Season as Slate Tablet Decline Continues, According to IDC

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