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System Center Operations Manager Support for Windows Server 2012

Yesterday, Microsoft put out a blog post to clarify the supportability for Windows Server 2012 in System Center Operations Manager.  As you will see below, the statement covers both the support for monitoring WS2012 as well as running Operations Manager components on WS2012.

The biggest thing for me in this post is the lack of support for monitoring WS2012 in System Center Operations Manager 2007 R2.  I can see many people implementing the new OS before upgrading their Operations Manager environment, and the inability to monitor these computers could be a big issue.  Hopefully, MS will release something for WS2012 monitoring in Operations Manager 2007 R2, but there are no signs of it yet.


Supported Configurations:

The supported configurations for Operations Manager are detailed as per the below and these should be referred to as the official guidance:

OM 2012:

OM 2007 R2:

(OM 2012 SP1 will be added in the near future)

To summarize from the above and to fill some gaps as documentation is getting updated.

OM 2007 R2:

OM 2007 R2 provides no support for monitoring Windows Server 2012 or for running OM 2007 R2 server components on Windows Server 2012.

Note: It is possible during your upgrade process to have an OM 2012 agent report to an OM 2007 R2 Management Group. This multi-homing ensures you can monitor all your assets seamlessly.

OM 2012:

OM 2012 will support monitoring Windows Server 2012(Except from APM monitoring of applications hosted on IIS8 which requires SP1). Running OM 2012 server components on Windows Server 2012 is not supported.

The OM 2012 console is not supported on Windows 8 client and running the OM 2012 agent on Windows 8 client is not supported.

OM 2012 SP1:

OM 2012 SP1 will provide full support for Windows Server 2012, both for monitoring and for running OM 2012 SP1 server components. This includes the console and agent on Windows 8 client.

Management Packs:

Management packs for monitoring Windows Server 2012 roles which are typically made available 60 to 90 post RTM of the Windows Server Role will start to be made available from mid-September and we expect most roles to have shipped their English language MPs by the end of September. Localized MPs will start to be delivered from October for most roles. (Localized MPs will be delivered in the 8 Languages that is supported by OM2012 to begin with.)

There are no plans to ship a Management Pack for monitoring Windows 8 client machines.



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