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Survey results: MMS vs. TechEd

The rumors are swirling again.  Could MMS merge with TechEd?  Each year this discussion pops up again, but could this year have more to it than in previous years?

Here’s the results of our last survey on this.  Has this changed? Read through the results to prepare for another round of surveys.


Poll Summary
1) Would you go to TechEd if MMS was merged with it?
Yes   13.08%
No   53.74%
Maybe   32.71%
2) What is your perception of TechEd?
Vote ID : 5759 Went to Tech Ed a long time ago, pretty good info, but I prefer the VERY SPECIFIC targeting of info at MMS.
Vote ID : 5761 Provides a large field of information on many products
Vote ID : 5762 dull, sprawling, confused, too general
Vote ID : 5764 Good for overviews of products.
Vote ID : 5765 I have never been to TechED, but I have heard it is so big that the content is glossy and no where near as in-depth as the content at MMS
Vote ID : 5767 great for generic IT information, and sometimes dev information. Not for computer management information
Vote ID : 5768 many varied technologies
Vote ID : 5769 TechEd is a great place to learn about a lot of Microsoft technologies at the same time.
Vote ID : 5770 a mass chaos of people trying to get inforamtion on every Microsoft product imaginable. ConfigMgr would most likely be treated as a low interest level.
Vote ID : 5771 Development\Exchange\ – a reason for upper management to take two weeks off and golf.
Vote ID : 5772 More of a developer conference
Vote ID : 5773 Fluff and vendors. Total waste of time for technical people and great love fest for the quintesential manager type
Vote ID : 5774 A very broad conference that tries to cover various topics in one week.
Vote ID : 5775 Too big! Inpersonal; no sence of community.
Vote ID : 5776 Not familiar enough to have an strong opinion; Only select individuals fro my company are permitted to go to TechEd – SCCM team is not included in this group of Select individuals.
Vote ID : 5777 Tech Ed has always seemed to broad a conference to go to and the detail I look for is better presented at MMS.
Vote ID : 5778 Broad based KNowledge
Vote ID : 5779 A venue strictly for hi level “overview” of a myriad of Microsoft products
Vote ID : 5781 Little bit of everything Microsoft.
Vote ID : 5782 TechEd is like a auto convention. Huge. You can get lost. Crowded.
Vote ID : 5783 Not as specialized as MMS
Vote ID : 5785 A broader conference, torn between developer content and IT pro content.
Vote ID : 5787 All the technology mixed.
Vote ID : 5788 Never attended
Vote ID : 5789 It’s generalized.
Vote ID : 5790 I don’t ever think about it because I go to MMS instead; my company only sends me to one conference a year.
Vote ID : 5791 It’s very broad – it’s less about learning and more about getting exposure to things. (more conventional type of convention)
Vote ID : 5792 Large, loud and crowded. Great for seeing all the technolgies and companies involved with the Windows OS’s, but not specific to any one area of expertise.
Vote ID : 5793 Too large, too broad based, too diverse.
Vote ID : 5794 Too large – too many subjects. Not specialized enough.
Vote ID : 5796 TechEd is a mob scene. I’ll never go to that mess.
Vote ID : 5797 Too many people, too much content, not granular enough
Vote ID : 5798 I’ve been to several. The sessions aren’t as technical as the MMS sessions, I usually go to talk with product managers and peers.
Vote ID : 5799 Very little detailed info on Management technologies
Vote ID : 5800 All things Microsoft…
Vote ID : 5801 it’s not SMS/ConfigMgr Centric
Vote ID : 5802 Generic conference – nothing is done very in-depth. Good for generalists and an overall strategy view.
Vote ID : 5803 A watered down conference that has very little focus on System Center products. While still a good conference, they have as of late, even split TechEd into two conferences. I have attended TechEd and choose not to attend again b/c it was mostly for developers.
Vote ID : 5805 Tech Ed is a watered down beginner’s approach to overall systems management. It’s overly diluted, too big already, and there’s little value there. That’s why my company doesn’t send anyone there, as they know it’s usefulness is nothing more than an overblown Microsoft Commercial.
Vote ID : 5806 TechEd has similar content to MMS but covers more topics than just management tools.
Vote ID : 5807 Not specific to what I do.
Vote ID : 5808 Not as detailed and not as informative as MMS.
Vote ID : 5809 A very generalized, watered down aggregation of other MS deep dive conferences.
Vote ID : 5810 TechEd is too big, and doesn’t have the depth of materials that I need to do my job like MMS. There is too many people there with other interests, and it is had to find other people to network with who do systems management like myself.
Vote ID : 5811 My company wouldn’t send me because they know i wouldn’t get the training i would at MMS. My company has sent me to MMS the last 3 years, and I know for a fact that I wouldn’t be going next year if it were marged with TechEd. I asked.
Vote ID : 5812 I usually go to TechEd Europe which is in my area. And I usually go for free. As an MCT I am assisting with hands-on labs or Ask-the-experts. I go there for the networking, not the content. In contrast I have payed for this year MMS from my pocket because I believe it has high value content in my area of specialty.
Vote ID : 5813 no clue
Vote ID : 5814 Marketing conference
Vote ID : 5815 not technical enough
Vote ID : 5818 Too big, too generic. Expensive … TechEd Europe costs double of MMS!
Vote ID : 5819 one big sales pitch
Vote ID : 5820 High level sales oriented presentations for upper management but not deep enough for technical people.
Vote ID : 5821 not bad but …
Vote ID : 5822 TechEd covers ALL MS technologies whereas having a System Center focused event like MMS allows folks to get targetted information they need in once place.
Vote ID : 5824 large and not focussed
Vote ID : 5825 Been there 3 times. Too big. Too much crap.
Vote ID : 5826 It’s pretty good…much bigger, but not a distraction.
Vote ID : 5827 Teched is more general about IT infrastructure
Vote ID : 5828 I have attended TechEd in Europe and was impressed with the depth and breadth of topics.
Vote ID : 5829 I’ve elected to attend MMS rather than Tech ED.
Vote ID : 5831 To broad! To much marketing and high level sessions.
Vote ID : 5832 Too broad for my taste. I want a systems management focus.
Vote ID : 5833 More of a sales pitch than the better in-depth focus of MMS content.
Vote ID : 5834 A cheap, watered down version of MMS.
Vote ID : 5835 a good conference for folks looking to get an overview on multiple products or indepth on things like Exchange and AD.
Vote ID : 5837 Having never attended TechEd, it appears to be a bout all MS products, not specifically focused as MMS is.
Vote ID : 5838 Less focused on Desktop Management needs and more broad based. Also no sense of community, seems more for the manager side than the IT professional side.
Vote ID : 5839 Too big
Vote ID : 5841 it Seems to be a conference for General knowlege that does not get too deep into the technical aspects.
Vote ID : 5843 TechEd seems to be a very broad view of TEchnology with no specialty. It is that specialty that allows for more indepth and the variety of sessions.
Vote ID : 5844 Never been to one, but I know people that have gone to it. To many people. It would become a zoo adding the MMS crowd.
Vote ID : 5845 Lots of overviews without deep dives into technical aspects of the products.
Vote ID : 5848 Tech Ed is great!
Vote ID : 5849 It is more about education
Vote ID : 5850 Too much of what I don’t want…
Vote ID : 5851 I do not have much knowledge of TechEd – I’m a Systems Center Guy and have thus just focused on making it to MMS each year.
Vote ID : 5853 Too big… overbloated…
Vote ID : 5854 None
Vote ID : 5855 OS specific generally
Vote ID : 5856 I like TechEd, it gives a wide variety of knowledge
Vote ID : 5857 A general event of limited relevance to someone focussed on management technologies
Vote ID : 5858 MMS lite.
Vote ID : 5859 Never been but MMS is targeted directly at the community I work and live in
Vote ID : 5860 Never been.
Vote ID : 5861 Very basic instruction of all Microsoft’s products.
Vote ID : 5862 soup to nuts. i only want soup.
Vote ID : 5863 To general
Vote ID : 5864 low level overview of Microsoft applications
Vote ID : 5865 High level general forums. good for managers not deep decusions.
Vote ID : 5866 More overall agenda. I’ve been to it before. There’s not way you’re going to get all the content from MMS in there. You could do it but then when I go to TechEd I won’t be able to go to the other sessions that I want to go to. A week wouldn’t be enough.
Vote ID : 5867 Broader coverage of Microsoft technology, not as focused on management as MMS.
Vote ID : 5868 not enough focus on manageability products
Vote ID : 5869 too much to do in too little time. no deep diving at teched like the way it happens at mms.
Vote ID : 5873 Too broad, too big
Vote ID : 5874 teched’s focus is more in the lines of exchange, servers, sql and so forth. I cannot see how SMS in that arena benefit the teched audience. i understand we all work in the sam environment, but the MMS has a different audience as compared to the teched peeps
Vote ID : 5875 TechEd is more of a general Microsoft technical event.
Vote ID : 5876 Huge marketing extravaganza.
Vote ID : 5878 Highly technical conference, more so than MMS
Vote ID : 5879 I attended both MMS and TechEd in 2008. TechEd was nice from a Microsoft IT overview, but lacked the specific MGMT courses of MMS. However, I will say that MMS has continued to move in a TechEd direction as there appears to be less of the deep dive sessions. TechEd is valuable, but it’s not on the same level as MMS from a Management Experience, which should be very obvious to Microsoft.
Vote ID : 5880 Teched is a much more larger conference and merging MMS would not make sense for me unless more days are add to Teched.
Vote ID : 5881 developer focused with a little bit of infrastructre
Vote ID : 5882 too massive and not specific enough for my needs
Vote ID : 5883 Product orientation. Speaking of Microsoft initiatives and future growth opportunities.
Vote ID : 5884 I perceive TechEd as a conference geared toward developers, and not system administrators.
Vote ID : 5885 More volume of topics but less in depth.
Vote ID : 5886 Been to it. Don’t go anymore.
Vote ID : 5887 Tech Ed is fine, but completely different than MMS. Merging is a bad idea!
Vote ID : 5888 Very Technical
Vote ID : 5891 A combination of Server, Database, Scripting, and end user communities getting together to share information on those topics.
Vote ID : 5892 Too expensive and too far away. Looks to be more marketing focused than technically focused
Vote ID : 5893 Diverse and lots of value
Vote ID : 5894 for developers
Vote ID : 5895 More developer-centric
Vote ID : 5896 Educational conference for developers
Vote ID : 5897 Very large, covers a lot of topics, a bajillion people.
Vote ID : 5898 Like trying to drink from a fire hose
Vote ID : 5899 Lots of information about a lot of different things. Because there are so many subjects its difficult to get a lot of deep immersion into complex subjects.
Vote ID : 5900 Good basic training for Exchange, Active Directory, GPO, and Windows Server. Not much to offer for a Management product specialist. From everything I have heard and seen on the curriculum list it is too broad to cover anything indepth. More than one person has commented to me that it is more of a managers session than technical.
Vote ID : 5901 Tech Ed is to borad not specific enough.
Vote ID : 5902 Very broad conference. Too many products covered in too short of a time to really be as useful as I would need it to be.
Vote ID : 5903 It is for down in the trenches work, day to day field work, whereas MMS covers the more advanced and higher level planning and architecture of management of those resources, while there is a direct upgrade path (IMO) from TechEd to MMS they are largely separate in terms of scope of material to be presented
Vote ID : 5904 Developers.
Vote ID : 5905 a microsoft seminar that deals with non system center technology. More OS level then the system center.
Vote ID : 5906 Training program for Microsoft products
Vote ID : 5907 It isnt very SCCM focussed..
Vote ID : 5910 broad and sprawling.
Vote ID : 5911 No perception – My focus is on MMS for SCCM and that’s what we want to maintain.
Vote ID : 5912 A generalists view of Microsoft stuff, good for managers and non-technical planners.
Vote ID : 5913 A general Windows technology information forum
Vote ID : 5914 To high level
Vote ID : 5915 Too big, too bloated, too crowded, too short for what it tries to be
Vote ID : 5917 Very broad range of technology solution
Vote ID : 5920 Lots of Sharepoint, Server, AD content weak in most other areas
Vote ID : 5921 Generic IT Conference on Microsoft Technology. A jack of all trades would love this type of conference. I am a systems management expert with a core focus on Microsoft management technologies.
Vote ID : 5922 Very broad coverage of a wide range of technologies – not very deep in any one
Vote ID : 5923 Not as focused on management and also does not have the high quality sessions/labs
Vote ID : 5926 waste of time
Vote ID : 5928 The event does not focus on a single area of technology and as such most of the content is aimed at middle management, with most sessions being level 200.
Vote ID : 5929 Developer conference
Vote ID : 5930 Less detailed, more general session. IMHO: Often used as a “present” to ITpros. More about marketing, fun & parties than a serious event. (could be wrong, only attended MMS)
Vote ID : 5931 The conference is too big in my opinion. You probably don’t have the opportunity to specialize in a major area. I know, for example, that they break out the programming into a separate stream of TechEd. It’s just too big. I’d rather have smaller focused conferences than larger ones.
Vote ID : 5932 Too generic
Vote ID : 5933 extremely large and more developer focused.
Vote ID : 5934 Not primarily focused on System Management Products
Vote ID : 5936 TechEd is about all Microsoft products and development
Vote ID : 5937 Do not really have one since I have never attended.
Vote ID : 5938 Show case for upcoming releases.
Vote ID : 5939 Seems to be more Windows based, doesn’t have the focus of MMS on the management technologies of Windows systems.
Vote ID : 5940 Where MS employees get their training on new products.
Vote ID : 5941 That it is more general.
Vote ID : 5942 Lots of people, generalized tech information, multiple tech tracks, glitz, glamour
Vote ID : 5943 TechEd is much more generalised than MMS
Vote ID : 5945 I wish TechEd was split again into “systems” and “developer.”
Vote ID : 5946 I’m from South Africa and TechEd, at least in terms of the Systems Management track, has always been too much of level 200 stuff (overview like in my opinion) and not enough level 400 (real technical). I can read overviews on the web, but real technical stuff can only be presented by people who deal with it daily.
Vote ID : 5947 It’s a general IT function not specializing in any particular MSFT product.
Vote ID : 5948 Here in Australia it is primarily focused on Server and Development paths
Vote ID : 5950 Too high-level overview.
Vote ID : 5952 I’ve always thought TechEd was there more for vendors to peddle products than for IT people to learn and get a lot of valuable hands on training.
Vote ID : 5953 I attended few in the past and never again.
Vote ID : 5954 Very large and all encompasing event to capture all of Microsoft’s product areas.
Vote ID : 5956 too big
Vote ID : 5957 Lots of “nice to know” info but no real “use right now” info to implement in an SMS/SCC environment.
Vote ID : 5958 Too much at once
Vote ID : 5959 never been
Vote ID : 5961 To shallow technically. Too many technologies represented to do any good.
Vote ID : 5962 High level overview of products targeted at management.
Vote ID : 5964 watered down technology for new comers
Vote ID : 5966 too big and too general
Vote ID : 5967 TechEd is a more general conference covering the breadth of Microsoft products.
Vote ID : 5969 Not as focused on products
Vote ID : 5970 TechEd is much broader than MMS and does not focus as deeply on the management technologies as MMS does.
Vote ID : 5971 To many topics and no deep dive in any technology
Vote ID : 5972 This was my first MMS after two TechEd’s. I preferred TechEd.
Vote ID : 5973 Great Event, but too light on System Center technology
Vote ID : 5974 Very general technical conference that covers many subjects at a surface level.
Vote ID : 5980 I’ve never gone to TechEd — I’ve always had the option of one conference and I go to MMS because it seems more in depth on a few subjects – teched has always seemed to be more diluted.
Vote ID : 5983 Not sure what my perception is having not gone before, but a more well rounded conference that included AD and SQL would be beneficial to me.
Vote ID : 5984 More future product showing than current useful information.
Vote ID : 5987 I have never been to TechEd
Vote ID : 5989 Very Broad and Not Deep in management.
Vote ID : 5991 Fairly good, I’ve attended twice, but it’s System Management “lite”
Vote ID : 5993 Not technical enough
3) What incentive would you need to attend TechEd rather than MMS?
Vote ID : 5759 If I could, I’d attend both (if separate)
Vote ID : 5761 A change in my job requirements.
Vote ID : 5762 not going to happen
Vote ID : 5764 I would never attend TechEd over MMS.
Vote ID : 5765 To know that I would have the same ability to mingle with the SCCM staff from Microsoft as we do at MMS
Vote ID : 5767 lots of money! 😉 seriously though, some kind of solid reason. I attend MMS and have a full week of productivity in my field of interest. How could more be packed into it? More likely the week would be diluted, making it nearly useless.
Vote ID : 5768 larger choice of sessions
Vote ID : 5769 Only if MMS didn’t exist. I went to TechEd before MMS existed, but since then, if I could only go to one conference per year, it was MMS.
Vote ID : 5770 If I were responsible for back end data center design, AD, server OS advancements, etc… maybe tech ed would be better
Vote ID : 5771 Free tickets. Daily massage.
Vote ID : 5772 There would have to be a LOT more System Center content
Vote ID : 5773 Data. I go to a confrence not to schmooze but to learn.
Vote ID : 5774 Needs to cover topics in greater details. Maybe longer conference hours would be best to squeeze in more opportunities to attend various sessions of interest.
Vote ID : 5775 That would be hard. If MMS was shut down I might go to TechEd. But on the same note I would lobby for myITForum to create an Event and I would go to it before TechEd.
Vote ID : 5776 Documentation stating that it will still be as Technical & informative as MMS.
Vote ID : 5777 I probably won’t go if that happens.
Vote ID : 5778 Wouldnt attend
Vote ID : 5779 Significant change in the content (depth/breadth) of SysCtr product material; DEEP dive as is done at MMS today
Vote ID : 5780 An exclusive management track
Vote ID : 5781 2 weeks of time to attend all the sessions.
Vote ID : 5782 A free ticket.
Vote ID : 5783 I’m not sure.
Vote ID : 5785 The same level of content as MMS
Vote ID : 5787 None
Vote ID : 5788 Money
Vote ID : 5789 For all the same level of labs/sessions to be offered at teched.. this would not be teched, it would be mms.
Vote ID : 5790 N/A. I believe that if you merge MMS into TechEd, the content that would have been MMS would be not be as in depth. You may think that you can plan for this not to happen this way, but entropy will set in.
Vote ID : 5791 Lower cost, as I think I’d be getting less direct benefit.
Vote ID : 5792 Cheaper conference fees, guarantee that the same MMS topics would be presented (156 of them).
Vote ID : 5793 a free pass.
Vote ID : 5794 Would not go to teched.
Vote ID : 5795 a lot
Vote ID : 5796 Nothing could get me to go to TechEd. I wouldn’t bother asking my boss to send me either.
Vote ID : 5797 Cheap. I’ll pay $2k out of pocket to MMS, would only go to TechEd if it were free.
Vote ID : 5798 I enjoy both and I can’t really imagine being satisfied with a merge. I enjoy teched because I can get get information from a broader range of products. Merging the 2 would make me lose out on learning about the rest of Microsoft’s server products.
Vote ID : 5799 Equal content as MMS
Vote ID : 5800 I’d rather not go to TechEd – we’re focused on Managment
Vote ID : 5801 not sure
Vote ID : 5802 I cannot attend MMS due to distance and cost – but would love to attend if possible as very relevant for me. I attend TechEd as it travels the world and easier to attend.
Vote ID : 5803 I would not attend TechEd over MMS.
Vote ID : 5805 I would need the knowledge and understanding that the material presented at TechEd would at least be the same technical level as MMS, as well as there being a solid focus group around the System Center technologies. I don’t do email or AD management, so those technologies are of little interest to me.
Vote ID : 5806 None…I would rather attend TechEd if it included the MMS content.
Vote ID : 5807 I would have to know that all the management products would still have all the same sessions and have the same amount of detail.
Vote ID : 5808 More “hands on” details and more access to people in the same fields.
Vote ID : 5809 if all MMS content were available as a separate track at Tech Ed
Vote ID : 5810 How could you get everybody at one hotel, and one location, and still provide the same value? How can you have 600 break out session in one week? TechEd would be to big and to commercialized, and I would not be able to get the value that I get from MMS.
Vote ID : 5811 would have to be for free. i would also have to convince my company that i would get something out of it. not sure if they will buy it…
Vote ID : 5812 It’s not the same. I have attended TechEd North America only once, out of curiosity. Also proctoring and assisting with HOL. Found that is a really big conference (14000 attendees that year) and really difficult to attend the sessions I was interested in. TechEd Europe is smaller and even more general (not all speakers will travel to Europe). I will keep going at TechEd Europe, giving a hand with the HOLs, as long it is for free 🙂
Vote ID : 5813 none
Vote ID : 5814 more community\hands on presenters who can share real world technical knowledge.
Vote ID : 5815 being paid?
Vote ID : 5818 Make it a lot cheaper and provide the same amount of SC sessions of the same quality as MMS.
Vote ID : 5819 could never happen, unless it was free
Vote ID : 5820 All the MMS content plus more.
Vote ID : 5822 None – Never been to TechEd but always try to get to MMS.
Vote ID : 5824 clear focus area for systems management in sessions and exhibitor hall
Vote ID : 5825 It’s not gonna happen.
Vote ID : 5826 None…I’d rather just go to MMS.
Vote ID : 5828 We are more likely to attend TechEd Europe due to the lower costs of attending.
Vote ID : 5829 None…combining would reduce the travel cost within our budget. The MMS profile should remain intact. This year my staff member returned after a two break and was thrilled. It was the best thing I’ve done for him this year.
Vote ID : 5831 A miracle…
Vote ID : 5832 I would not travel away from home for such an event. It would have to be close to home.
Vote ID : 5833 Not to sound too harsh, but it would have to be in a good location!
Vote ID : 5834 Make it free.
Vote ID : 5835 SIGNIFICANTLY more focus around ALL of the System Center products. It would have to be like MMS where i have a hard time deciding between which session to attend as there are so many useful SC focused sessions.
Vote ID : 5837 The bulk of my job funcion is in the security and managemet area. Unless TechEd has as detailed sessions as MMMS I would not be able to justify MMS to my management. Other people in my department could surely justify TechEd though, a it is more directly related to there job function.
Vote ID : 5838 That ALL Sessions and content from MMS would have to be replicated to TechEd
Vote ID : 5839 MMS is my first choice
Vote ID : 5841 Not sure I would attend. Managment puts value in MMS and I was the only one able to attend this year sinceI requested to go to MMS. They do not see as much value in Tech Ed.
Vote ID : 5842 none
Vote ID : 5843 No MMS, or a discount for attendees that attended MMS.
Vote ID : 5844 A free pass to it, otherwise I probably would not attend it. Been to the last 3 MMS shows. While this year the attendance was down due to the economy, last year MMS was sold out.
Vote ID : 5845 None, MMS rules!
Vote ID : 5848 None, I would rather attend Tech Ed but they dont currently have as much on System Center products
Vote ID : 5849 none
Vote ID : 5850 It would be more broad. That is a good, but I like the focus of MMS and the location.
Vote ID : 5851 I cannot fathom a like without MMS.
Vote ID : 5853 Continue to offer the same content of the same caliber and quality that MMS has in the past
Vote ID : 5854 Don’t know.
Vote ID : 5855 seperate conference venue/tickets
Vote ID : 5856 none
Vote ID : 5857 Don’t understand the question. It’s not a case of “incentives” surely – I would have to be assured that the quantity, level and focus of management sessions would be the same at TechEd as they have been at MMS. And I don’t believe they would be.
Vote ID : 5858 Nothing reasonable comes to mind.
Vote ID : 5859 None, I am not interested in the other areas
Vote ID : 5860 It wouldn’t matter. I don’t think I could get mgmt. to approve TechEd because its not as applicable to my job.
Vote ID : 5861 If TechEd was just like MMS!! All System Center in depth sessions
Vote ID : 5862 i would not go.
Vote ID : 5864 don’t think there would be
Vote ID : 5865 don’t attend TechEd with MMS going
Vote ID : 5866 Make it two weeks so I can get all the content I need. Although no one would go to a two week conference.
Vote ID : 5867 MMS scope reduced, or work responsibilities changed/expanded.
Vote ID : 5868 more focus on manageability products
Vote ID : 5869 concentration on Management Systems applications. …i’m not an Exchange guy or DBA, etc.
Vote ID : 5872 not sure, it just misses the target about things I need to know
Vote ID : 5873 I prefer MMS because it’s more specific but I probably won’t attend again until it’s moved from vegas because vegas is too expensive.
Vote ID : 5874 incentive, good question, how can one person see the new improvements, pathways of the SCC environment and then try to get into the exchange and server side… this would have to be a two week conference at least
Vote ID : 5875 None, I’m not interested in TechEd, as I specialize in Microsoft Management Products like OpsMgr.
Vote ID : 5876 30%+ cost savings to me.
Vote ID : 5878 None
Vote ID : 5879 If they don’t offer MMS, I guess I’d be at TechEd.
Vote ID : 5880 The only incentive would be that MMS doesn’t exist anymore or is merged. Otherwise, I prefer going to MMS than going to Teched.
Vote ID : 5881 same content would have to be represented
Vote ID : 5882 money
Vote ID : 5883 Having level 300 and 400 classes would be a huge win. Merge classes where appropriate, but bring the advanced MMS classes to TechEd.
Vote ID : 5884 TechEd would need to offer the exact, same content as MMS in a special set of tracks designed for the system administrators.
Vote ID : 5885 If the normal MMS structure was separated out of the general TechEd format and there was a “written” guarantee that the content was the same if not better for the System Center line that included a full refund of conference fees and travel expenses (air, hotel, car…) if I was not satisfied. In today’s economy I cannot afford to waste a week of non-billable time and spend money on training that is not up to par with what MMS has traditionally offered.
Vote ID : 5886 No more incentive is needed. I would love to spend my day wondering thru hundreds of vendors that I don’t need just to find the 5-6 that apply to my field.
Vote ID : 5887 Free registration.
Vote ID : 5888 None , happy to attend either
Vote ID : 5891 TechEd seems to provide a lot of content and information for the audience that attends. But very little of what is being presented at TechEd09 would even remotely apply to my situation. Providing cost justification for managment to get approval seems as it would be more difficult.
Vote ID : 5892 Cost
Vote ID : 5893 None! The question should be phrased the other way
Vote ID : 5894 i wouldnt
Vote ID : 5895 Would need to have a dedicated Systems Management track with comparable content to the existing MMS content.
Vote ID : 5896 compartmentalize MMS related subjects so I could retain the value of being immersed with my peers.
Vote ID : 5897 A dedicated Systems Management track with the same level of detail as MMS.
Vote ID : 5898 A Systems Center track
Vote ID : 5899 The same kind of focus on ConfigMgr, OSD, WMI and scripting sessions I get at MMS. However, I don’t think that would matter. At my place of employment, the competion to go to TechEd from our server team would be so fierce, I would probably never get to go.
Vote ID : 5900 Longer summit schedule (maybe 2 weeks), and sessions schedules would have to be done carefully so that common technologies do not conflict. The SC sessions would have to be stretched out so they are not all done at the same time.
Vote ID : 5901 Much cheaper price that either Tech Ed and MMS currently
Vote ID : 5902 There would almost have to be a conference within a conference…kind of like having MMS be at a separate location that is held the same time as TechEd.
Vote ID : 5904 More focus on infrastructure
Vote ID : 5905 everything MMS has to offer for SCCM sessions
Vote ID : 5906 None.
Vote ID : 5907 an SCCM only corner…
Vote ID : 5910 guarantee of rich, deep content that is specific to systems management.
Vote ID : 5911 No incentive desired; Again my focus is on MMS for SCCM ONLY!
Vote ID : 5912 Knowing that the deep dive technical based information would still be there from MMS. Knowing that there was a System Center or management focus somwhere in the morass.
Vote ID : 5913 No idea. Maybe a third party paying for my conference expenses.
Vote ID : 5914 The level of focus that MMS gives
Vote ID : 5915 No change in SC track : separate keynotes.
Vote ID : 5917 more dedicated management track.
Vote ID : 5920 MMS would have to be gone. Then I’d probably go to a different conference, anyway.
Vote ID : 5921 MMS Focus and depth
Vote ID : 5922 A separate MMS-like track at TechEd
Vote ID : 5923 Improved focus on management, cheaper cost
Vote ID : 5926 none, only interested in MMS
Vote ID : 5928 I would like to see more deep dives into technology with sessions levels 300 and 400.
Vote ID : 5929 For Microsoft to prove that the sessions and networking are at least as good as MMS
Vote ID : 5930 – price: lower is beter, but not at the expense of listening to marketing and inferior technical content. – distance: nearby is better – Subscriptions : e.g. free 1Y Technet+ subscription
Vote ID : 5931 Break out TechEd into separate streams and increase the time period of the conference. Have a management stream
Vote ID : 5933 Specific IT sessions focused on managability products in System Center, just like MMS. 🙂
Vote ID : 5934 Other kind of role.
Vote ID : 5936 No incentive needed. It is just nice to have separate conferences so more people from one office can attend.
Vote ID : 5937 Location of event and if there was a seperate MMS section.
Vote ID : 5938 Dedicated full MMS Track.
Vote ID : 5939 They would have to get rid of MMS, unless the quality of the sessions decreases then I will side with going to MMS.
Vote ID : 5940 I would like to do both, but I work with SCCM so MMS is easier to justify $$ to my managment.
Vote ID : 5941 More management (MMS like) content.
Vote ID : 5942 still get one on one time with the engineers and architects. Ability to link up with people doing the same things I am. Knowledge that I will not be overloaded. MMS wiped me with information overload. I can just imagine the overload if there was even more sessions to choose from.
Vote ID : 5943 To attend TechEd, it would need to have the same break-out sessions, labs and BOF sessions that MMS have.
Vote ID : 5946 No incentive would get me to TechEd
Vote ID : 5947 none
Vote ID : 5948 I wouldn’t
Vote ID : 5950 Suitable balance between 200/300/400 sessiosn; enough breakouts etc as with MMS
Vote ID : 5952 If MMS was shutdown and no longer existed – that would be an incentive.
Vote ID : 5953 Will not attend
Vote ID : 5954 Would need to see the same level of sessions and to be as in-depth as MMS currently is. Would not settle for just the basics of the Systems Management area.
Vote ID : 5956 Money would be the issue, due to a lack of focus and the predicted 2nd fiddle status it would take on, where would not be as much attention, less vaule.
Vote ID : 5957 They would have to discontinue MMS.
Vote ID : 5958 1/2 price
Vote ID : 5959 high exposure of sms related
Vote ID : 5961 Assurance that all of the typical MMS content would be included at Tech-Ed. Meaning the 150+ MMS sessions would be “hosted” at Tech-Ed.
Vote ID : 5962 Leave MMS the way it is.
Vote ID : 5964 I haven’t gone since 1999
Vote ID : 5966 There would have to 300 and 400 level courses.
Vote ID : 5967 I would always choose MMS before TechEd. It is a specialized conference and the only place to network with the community of people that have the same challenges.
Vote ID : 5969 Have the same type materials and activities offered.
Vote ID : 5970 Much deeper management focus
Vote ID : 5972 Something that showed conclusively that the same number of MMS sessions were available.
Vote ID : 5973 None. I cannot go to MMS on a regular basis because of where it is held. The best thing they could do for MMS is move it out of Vegas and if that means that merging it with TechEd so be it.
Vote ID : 5974 Would need deep technical content covering management products in the System Center family.
Vote ID : 5980 In depth training sessions and a focus on managing back end infrastructure.
Vote ID : 5983 More AD and SQL.
Vote ID : 5984 TechEd is a harder sell to management because if offers alot that my team does not handle. If that were the only choice then it might be ok.
Vote ID : 5987 I don’t know…TechEd seems to be more general.
Vote ID : 5989 I would not be allowed to go, others would get the funding to support AD, SQL or Dev.
Vote ID : 5991 After attending MMS, I will probably never attend TechEd again.
Vote ID : 5993 $$$
4) What are the benefits of attending TechEd compared to MMS?
Vote ID : 5759 None, really
Vote ID : 5761 I have not attended Tech-Ed
Vote ID : 5762 really? none
Vote ID : 5764 For me… little. It has a broader scope,but can get that from blogs and forums.
Vote ID : 5765 I can’t say as I have never attended a TechEd
Vote ID : 5767 general interest info (learning about AD, SQL Server, operating systems, etc.)
Vote ID : 5768 larger choice of sessions
Vote ID : 5769 Broader scope of topics
Vote ID : 5771 None.
Vote ID : 5772 None for me…
Vote ID : 5773 More vendor sponsored parties. More swag.
Vote ID : 5774 Covers a broad range of Microsoft’s products.
Vote ID : 5775 I’m don’t think there are any benefits of attending TechEd. Notice at Teched, it is all fluff no substance. MMS is soem case is to low level already. Merging it with TechEd will only water it down even more!
Vote ID : 5776 Don’t know
Vote ID : 5777 Larger crowds to fight?
Vote ID : 5778 none that I see
Vote ID : 5779 As it stands today, I see none. I do not CARE about 99% of the historic TechEd content. *I* am focused on SysCtr suite of products ONLY.
Vote ID : 5780 None
Vote ID : 5781 Understanding of applications across the network that other groups manage.
Vote ID : 5782 I can think of none. Being more crowded it’d be harder to find a flight and hotel. It’s be harder to find ‘my peeps’
Vote ID : 5783 For me, none. My sole focus is systems management, MMS is the perfect conference for me.
Vote ID : 5785 Coverage of more Microsoft products
Vote ID : 5787 None
Vote ID : 5788 Don’t know
Vote ID : 5789 None.
Vote ID : 5790 I have never attended TechEd, so I cannot answer.
Vote ID : 5791 It’s not always in the same location – might be closer to me some years.
Vote ID : 5792 Never been to one. Don’t know.
Vote ID : 5793 I have never attended TechEd, nor have I ever wanted to.
Vote ID : 5794 More topics, but not in the fields I need.
Vote ID : 5795 none
Vote ID : 5796 ZERO – go away with this stupid idea
Vote ID : 5797 Can’t think of a single one…
Vote ID : 5798 TechEd has been in Orlando which is much easier to get approval to attend. Before last year I could dip into developer sessions which I really enjoyed.
Vote ID : 5799 A wide breadth of knowledge
Vote ID : 5800 None
Vote ID : 5801 more generalist information
Vote ID : 5802 Cost, ease of access (local event), overall strategy rather than single stream.
Vote ID : 5803 None that I know of.
Vote ID : 5805 None.
Vote ID : 5806 Covers more than just the management tools.
Vote ID : 5807 None.
Vote ID : 5808 Not sure.
Vote ID : 5809 can’t think of any
Vote ID : 5810 If you want a general overview on the MS technology then go to TechEd. But if you want the real details on Systems Management, and the networking with like peers and MS engineers, then go to MMS.
Vote ID : 5811 alot more broad spectrum in the IT industry.
Vote ID : 5812 Networking and having an overview on what’s around (other products)
Vote ID : 5813 no clue
Vote ID : 5814 wider scope of audience
Vote ID : 5815 none
Vote ID : 5818 None, eventually more session overlap …
Vote ID : 5819 none
Vote ID : 5820 Access to non-system center sessions.
Vote ID : 5822 Can’t comment as never been.
Vote ID : 5824 for me as an exhibitor, more potentiol leads
Vote ID : 5825 Benefits ? Are you kidding ?
Vote ID : 5826 If strictly looking for “system managment”, then none. When you start cross-pollenating other technologies like PKI into system management, TechEd would then be very valuable to talk to a PKI expert. Hardly any system management pro’s have experience with PKI.
Vote ID : 5827 None
Vote ID : 5828 Wider breadth of sessions.
Vote ID : 5831 None
Vote ID : 5832 If your focus is other than systems management.
Vote ID : 5833 ????
Vote ID : 5834 What benefits?
Vote ID : 5835 You can get information on multiple platforms, IF that is your interest or job.
Vote ID : 5838 There is only one, the MS book store. Bring that to MMS please.
Vote ID : 5839 None
Vote ID : 5841 Windows general info.
Vote ID : 5842 Exposure to more stuff
Vote ID : 5843 There are a broader number of IT professionals from different backgrounds and different technologies.
Vote ID : 5844 I don’t have any. I have worked with SMS and System Center products for more than 8 years now. MMS is perfect for me to get the information that I need to support those products.
Vote ID : 5845 I don’t know, you tell me.
Vote ID : 5848 More sessions
Vote ID : 5849 none
Vote ID : 5850 I have not been.
Vote ID : 5851 I guess to broaden knowledge outside of the Systems (Center) management, but I’d rather just go to MMS.
Vote ID : 5853 For me, none…
Vote ID : 5854 More break out sessions with a broader range of topice
Vote ID : 5855 Depends what you do. For management, not much. For OS feature support plenty
Vote ID : 5856 Teched gives you a wider range of topics,
Vote ID : 5857 Very few if your original requirement was to attend an IT management conference!
Vote ID : 5858 N/A
Vote ID : 5859 Never been so I cannot comment
Vote ID : 5860 None. There are lots of people who don’t have the same job as me.
Vote ID : 5861 None
Vote ID : 5862 none that i could think of right now.
Vote ID : 5864 none
Vote ID : 5865 none. I am focused on System Center
Vote ID : 5866 MMS is completely Systems management. TechEd covers the other components of my job.
Vote ID : 5867 My perception is that TechEd would cover more of the operating system and application nuts and bolts.
Vote ID : 5868 for me, not much
Vote ID : 5869 None for me. MMS is what I find most valuable.
Vote ID : 5872 Learning about all the technologies but only an inch deep and a mile wide
Vote ID : 5873 never been to teched and am not interested in teched.
Vote ID : 5874 you learn the changes to exchange and servers
Vote ID : 5875 None for me that I can see, as I specialize in Microsoft Management products like OpsMgr
Vote ID : 5876 Don’t know. Never been to a TechED. Never wanted to when all I needed was at MMS.
Vote ID : 5878 More depth in other subjects which I manage other than systems management
Vote ID : 5879 Broader range of skill sets is sometimes nice for networking. That is a good and bad. MMS you can always talk Management, TechEd you didn’t know who you were sitting with at Lunch.
Vote ID : 5880 You can attend sessions about product that are not covered in MMS.
Vote ID : 5881 none really – i have a sys admin job and sped 90% of my time with management tools
Vote ID : 5882 I’m sure it’s a fine conference, but my interest and needs favor MMS
Vote ID : 5883 Bigger conference – more exposure to Microsoft initiatives and strategy as a whole. Attendee focus – i.e. companies could focus on one big conference rather than splitting people up across multiple.
Vote ID : 5884 TechEd provides developers a chance to get some hands-on experience with new, unreleased products, and to work with their peers. MMS focuses on the management of these systems and not on the development and integration aspects.
Vote ID : 5885 None that I am aware of.
Vote ID : 5886 You get to see much more marketing hoopla with TE. You don’t get bogged down with all the technical know-how that you are bombarded with from MMS.
Vote ID : 5887 Tech ed is fine for introducing technologies and concepts. It is a great way to deepen the knowledge of overly specialized techs,
Vote ID : 5888 Broad base – more technology
Vote ID : 5891 None that I can think of. I’m not interested in one single topic covered at 2009 other that Virtualization. I wouldn’t have requested attending TechEd09 just for that. I can’t see where there would be much value to me or the SMS/ConfigMgr community and I see a greater chance of loss of attendance and value in content.
Vote ID : 5892 Broader product coverage
Vote ID : 5893 LOTS of interesting options; more value per dollar
Vote ID : 5894 none
Vote ID : 5895 Not sure
Vote ID : 5896 Could branch out into other topics outside of CM.
Vote ID : 5897 Exposure to other technologies.
Vote ID : 5898 Broader range of information
Vote ID : 5899 I can’t think of any.
Vote ID : 5900 Larger venue is the only plus that I know of as a benefit, but that also means that good technologies get lost in the mix.
Vote ID : 5901 None
Vote ID : 5902 if you are a broader IT generalist, TechEd might be a better option.
Vote ID : 5904 none
Vote ID : 5905 very little
Vote ID : 5906 If I wanted to open a fire hose for training purposes on all thinks Microsoft, TechEd would be appropriate.
Vote ID : 5907 More topics covered unrelated to SCCM
Vote ID : 5910 possibly, exposure to peripheral products and technologies that we are serving up via System Center products… possibly.
Vote ID : 5911 No Benefits; Again my focus is on MMS for SCCM ONLY!
Vote ID : 5912 Less travel for presenters? Not sure, I haven’t been to TechEd and the folks I work with who have did not get most of the information I got from MMS.
Vote ID : 5913 I have never attended TechEd and would not know any benefits.
Vote ID : 5915 Umm… none.
Vote ID : 5917 none
Vote ID : 5920 More variety of topics and cheap exams
Vote ID : 5921 None
Vote ID : 5922 none for me
Vote ID : 5923 Never attended TechEd
Vote ID : 5926 only support SCCM so don’t need technet, too many attendees at technet
Vote ID : 5928 The only benefit I can see coming from the UK is that TechEd has a European event.
Vote ID : 5929 None
Vote ID : 5930 More broad spectrum. During less interesting break-out sessions, you could get an overview of other products. It’s held in all continents: Less travel time & costs.
Vote ID : 5931 There are none for me. I’m sure some people there are significant benefits.
Vote ID : 5932 economy
Vote ID : 5933 Don’t know.
Vote ID : 5934 None
Vote ID : 5936 TechEd has more information about desktops and the office suite.
Vote ID : 5937 Not sure.
Vote ID : 5938 May get insight in to other upcoming MS releases.
Vote ID : 5939 I’m not sure, I have never gone.
Vote ID : 5940 Dunnno, never been to tech ed.
Vote ID : 5941 That it is more general and probably easier to sell to the people that pay the bills.
Vote ID : 5942 Wide tech field. Exposer to tech outside of my responsibility
Vote ID : 5943 TechEd is more rounded in all Microsoft platforms, which is fine if you are an all round administrator
Vote ID : 5946 I’ve been a Systems Management guy for more than 12 years and none of the TechEds ever matched up to MMS.
Vote ID : 5947 If I did more than SCCM then I could see some benefit, but I don’t.
Vote ID : 5948 None
Vote ID : 5950 Actually getting more exposure to *the products that we are supposed to monitor/manage*
Vote ID : 5952 None
Vote ID : 5953 Not relevient to my job
Vote ID : 5954 Wider variety of topics/sessions to choose from if someone is looking for more than just information on systems management.
Vote ID : 5956 Microsoft would spend less money and time
Vote ID : 5957 Cant realy compare the two.
Vote ID : 5959 n/a
Vote ID : 5961 None
Vote ID : 5962 None
Vote ID : 5964 teched is more broad and it hits on many MS products
Vote ID : 5966 Eyes could be opened to new products.
Vote ID : 5967 I have never attended TechEd but I expect one benefit is that it covers the complete MS product line. However that also limits the depth of information provided for the products that are most important to me (System Center and related topics)
Vote ID : 5969 None
Vote ID : 5970 None at the moment in my opinion
Vote ID : 5972 More networking. Better facilities. More vendors.
Vote ID : 5973 Broader coverage of technologies.
Vote ID : 5974 Wider range of product coverage.
Vote ID : 5980 The conference is huge, so you get a massive number of choices of things to attend.
Vote ID : 5983 N/A
Vote ID : 5984 More swag, more networking, better events, extended learning available, can look at new products
Vote ID : 5987 I don’t see any. MMS is effective as it is today.
Vote ID : 5989 Overview of all Microsoft solutions.
Vote ID : 5991 None for me.
Vote ID : 5993 None that I can see
5) What are the benefits of attending MMS compared to TechEd?
Vote ID : 5760 Specific System Center product info. I like being able to talk to peers who are there for the same reason i am as opposed to everything microsoft related.
Vote ID : 5761 Specialized content, social networking, known most everyone there is doing the same job.
Vote ID : 5762 we get a deep dive into specialized technologies designed tosolve a specialized problem
Vote ID : 5764 Indepth dicussions/presentations on products we use and need to master.
Vote ID : 5765 Intimate gathering, direct access to SCCM staff from Microsoft, focused indepth content
Vote ID : 5767 Focused! Networking! Everyone I talk to is interested in computer mgmt, just like me. No dilution, no confusion, no getting lost in the crowd.
Vote ID : 5768 used to be that is was more specific to my line of work, but lately it seems to have left out much of the conceptual items and just focuses on the technology. It is missing the management aspect.
Vote ID : 5769 MUCH deeper coverage of the Management area.
Vote ID : 5770 Smaller, more personable. Direct contact with MS employees and the ConfigMgr community. Easy to network with people of similar responsibilites. When you sit down at lunch, usually your lunch mates are OpsMgr or ConfigMgr admins. Chances of that at Tech Ed are slim.
Vote ID : 5771 MMS is targetted at the management community, it’s a community all on its own that caters to a specific need. To water down MMS by merging it with TechEd would be a waste.
Vote ID : 5772 Premier conference for all things System Center related.
Vote ID : 5773 Data. Community and information sharing. Few vendor sessions unless they are focused.
Vote ID : 5774 More specialized focus on Microsoft’s System Center products.
Vote ID : 5775 It had more meat that TechED. Easier to talk to MS PMs. Easier to get answer to questions.
Vote ID : 5777 More detail, narrowed attendance for a specific topic, tech ed is all ready to large.
Vote ID : 5778 I am a SYSTEM CENTER Guy – Finding guys who do exactly what I do is nirvana
Vote ID : 5779 FOCUSED content that applies to *my* job! HOWTO at appropriate levels for tools I use to do my job; FUTURES that directly affect my training needs, HW planning, and long term product evolution demands; COMMUNITY networking SPECIFICALLY focused on *my* area of expertise and responsibility; product vendors with offerings that are directly targeted at my needs; *not* watered down with Exchange, AD, SQL and other product/technology disciplines of zero interest to me.
Vote ID : 5780 Exclusive focus on systems management paired with the best IT community in existence
Vote ID : 5781 Specialized track for Operations Manager.
Vote ID : 5782 Instead of being like an auto convention, MMS is more like a neurosurgery convention. Specialized and we can better share common ideas with each other.
Vote ID : 5783 See above.
Vote ID : 5785 More focused on System Center products
Vote ID : 5787 Completely managebility focused.
Vote ID : 5788 Tech Sexy
Vote ID : 5789 Very focused on the management products.
Vote ID : 5790 MMS is specialized to Enterprise Management, and it is a perfect fit to those of us who use these technologies.
Vote ID : 5791 Being able to dive deeper into subjects. Knowing that 50% (instead of 5%) of the people around you have the same skillset.
Vote ID : 5792 MMS offers community and focused sessions specific to Systems Management. Smaller size of conference allows for meeting more people of similar job duties.
Vote ID : 5793 MMS is a conference basically dedicated to systems management. The attendees are all in the same situations of struggling to manage, standardize, upgrade, patch and automate their companies. Even the vendor expo is trageted toward solutions that fit into this space. This is also a great place for management to attend due to the leveling of the sessions and how each keynote is presented. You will always fond someone willing to share their experiences.
Vote ID : 5794 Specialized fields give focused attention. Smaller venue, easier to navigate.
Vote ID : 5795 do not have enough paper to explain that here
Vote ID : 5796 I sit down at lunch with people I don’t know at MMS and we talk the same language and discuss common problems. I don’t care to sit down at TechEd and talk about Exchange or something. I got more from hall sessions this year at MMS than in the rooms! It’s all about the people you meet and the common issues you have.
Vote ID : 5797 MMS is specific to my job, the depth of the content, and the people that choose to attend MMS.
Vote ID : 5798 The community and the deeper sessions
Vote ID : 5799 MMS is targeted at my primary skill set
Vote ID : 5800 MMS is all about systems managment. If anything, I’d like to see a European MMS.
Vote ID : 5801 more relevant to my line of work.
Vote ID : 5802 In-depth tech of SC stream and associated industries. Very close and open community with extremely valuable networking advantages.
Vote ID : 5803 System Center product focused. Sessions delivered by people that are in the field and dealing with issues day in and day out. Birds of a Feather. Ask the Experts. Focus Groups. True face time with Experts that cover: SCCM, SCOM, SCVMM.
Vote ID : 5805 Smaller group, tightly focused on Windows Management and Automation.
Vote ID : 5806 MMS has more content on management tools than TechEd.
Vote ID : 5807 Get to catch up with people that are working on the same stuff that I am to share stories and to better understand how to use the product.
Vote ID : 5808 It is the same as going to a ton of training classes!
Vote ID : 5809 I struggle to select the session I am going to attend at MMS due to the fact there are always multiple sessions available in any timeslot that I am interested in. I just don’t see that happening at tech ed.
Vote ID : 5810 There is a unique group of like people of which most are a part of a strong community that attend the MMS. TechEd is to general and to diverse in its topics. The people attending have less in common as a group, and it is too impersonal.
Vote ID : 5811 more specific area of IT. Higher concentration on Systems Management as opposed to other technologies.
Vote ID : 5812 Highly technical content in subjects I am very interested in. When I first attended MMS 2 years ago I thoght: Wow, this is a conference that deserves it’s money. It was like drinking water from the firehose, lots of technical content and good speakers. Not too much marketing (at least only a slight ratio compared with other conferences)
Vote ID : 5813 MMS relates specifically to the products and the infrastructure environments I work with.
Vote ID : 5814 more focused, a higher level of technical presentations
Vote ID : 5815 all the noses are in the same direction.
Vote ID : 5818 Focussed on System Center. Accessibilty of PM’s.
Vote ID : 5819 MMS is awesome, everything you need to know about systems management, plus the myITforum party
Vote ID : 5820 Deep content related to my job.
Vote ID : 5822 MMS to me is all about networking and meeting like minded folks who share a common bond of using the System Center products, something which I’m sure would be duiluted at TechEd.
Vote ID : 5824 focused content and audience
Vote ID : 5825 Focused. Easy to meet people with same needs.
Vote ID : 5826 Focused on System Management. I’ve been to both. The TechEd sessions dealing with System Management are exactly the same as what was previously given during MMS…maybe just a little more polished. But beyond that, the “community” aspect of MMS is INVALUABLE. TechEd would take away from that. And for that, I feel it would be a bad idea to merge the two.
Vote ID : 5827 For those wo are working on a day to day base in a managing enviroment, it is more important to have a dedicated forum for this
Vote ID : 5828 For us, not a lot.
Vote ID : 5829 MMS allows me to focus on what I need…talk to others, labs and I leave wanting to take the long trip next year.
Vote ID : 5831 More technical content and management is a very big topic.
Vote ID : 5832 Focused with the event sessions and attendees on areas of interest to me.
Vote ID : 5833 Again, much more focused content for MMS, better peer interaction, vendor Expo, etc.
Vote ID : 5834 a technically advanced group discussing products and services that pertain to my field. I have attended several MMS’s (plan to do so in the future) and I have attended 1 TechEd (and do not plan to do so ever again).
Vote ID : 5835 The instructors, vendors and attendees are focused on the System Center family of products. the content is focused around a similar set of subject areas. Having attended both conferences, i found the TechED content on SCCM\SMS was limited and not as meaty.
Vote ID : 5837 The amount of detaild technical information gathered through the labs and break-out sessions. But more importantly, the contacts made that will assist me with my issues.
Vote ID : 5838 Its foucsed to management needs, even the vendors are specific to those needs
Vote ID : 5839 Everything. Smaller conference, more sessions just for SC Products. Smaller overlap of sessions.
Vote ID : 5841 It give us a Deep dive into just the managemnt products. Everything is focused on manament products alone.
Vote ID : 5842 none
Vote ID : 5843 Tight knit group dedicated to a single line of products “System Center”. With this you can Network easier because you something in common with 1 out of every 2 persons in attendance. Look at the MVP summit. We all sit down for breakfast but no one really talks much. The only commonality is the MVP title. At TechEd the only commonality is “technology”
Vote ID : 5844 I can talk directly to Microsoft personnel that are responsible for the products that I work on and MVP’s. Don’t know if I would be able to do so at TechEd.
Vote ID : 5845 Get to meet and network with many people that use SMS/SCCM daily and the ability to discuss different resolutions for complex problems.
Vote ID : 5847 MMS is focused on the management products that we use. With money as tight as it is, it would be impossible for me to sell going to such a broad forum as TechEd.My boss pretty well insists that I go to MMS since it is really the only place to get advanced and focused training on SCCM. TechEd would never fly.
Vote ID : 5848 None, other than System Center info
Vote ID : 5849 Speaking with peers that do the same thing that you do.
Vote ID : 5850 Its very focused on System Center Products/SMS. Which I want…
Vote ID : 5851 Because it is a conference that caters 98% to what I do for a living. I do not have to weed out the good stuff.
Vote ID : 5853 Focused training within the System Center programs. More time devoted to learn about these programs. Easier access to those invovled in the creating of the programs, where you can actually interact and pick their braines. Easier to find and network with those people who administer ConfigMgr.
Vote ID : 5854 MMS is specialized, while Teched is not.
Vote ID : 5855 MMS provides a solid base to help narrow the focus to management specific tasks.
Vote ID : 5856 less people
Vote ID : 5857 Major benefit – several thousand consultants, customers, partners all with some kind of management focus. Absolutely invaluable opportunity for networking. Not to mention a fair percentage of MS management PG.
Vote ID : 5858 MMS delivers exactly what I need to do my job better today and in the near future. I get straight talk, without the sales and marketing noise, from the experts in my field.
Vote ID : 5859 Detailed information directed at my specific area of interest that pays my bills.
Vote ID : 5860 Talking to all of the people who have the same job as me.
Vote ID : 5861 It is a week filled with very knowledgeable information in the system that we are all administrators of…System Center. You are among peers that perform the same duties, therefore it allows for outreach to the ConfigMgr community. Instead of being thrown in with a group of people that may or may not have the same responsibilites.
Vote ID : 5862 it’s a focus community. we all have something in common.
Vote ID : 5863 It’s my community!
Vote ID : 5864 High-level information plus great networking
Vote ID : 5865 Deep understanding of products. Talk to peers. Computer labs.
Vote ID : 5866 I can narrow my focus to the sessions that are specific to Systems management but the biggest part is the community. I go to TechEd and tech Ed is no MMS. I’ve met people at MMS that have become great friends. I talk to them everyday. They live all over the world. Any time I have an issue I know I have people like myITforum to go to. TechEd is just too big. The feeling of family would be lost.
Vote ID : 5867 Much more focus on the technology and processes related to managing the Microsoft environment.
Vote ID : 5868 plenty of focus on manageability products
Vote ID : 5869 Community. I don’t have to waste time with book authors/reciters. I can go straight to the experts (Wally’s always there) and other experts that have lived in my world. I don’t that at any other conference as it relates to SMS/SCCM.
Vote ID : 5873 More systems management specific info. Smaller than Teched
Vote ID : 5874 we learn new features, we meet our peers and get to know how our vendors work with the SCC environment and what they are doing to make our jobs a little bit easier
Vote ID : 5875 I’m able to meet with Microsoft Management Product Managers, and other technical experts in the OpsMgr area. there is a hands on lab that would probably not be available in a general technical confrence like TechEd.
Vote ID : 5876 – content more relevant to my area – familiar and trusted community – deep dive discussions
Vote ID : 5878 None
Vote ID : 5879 Everyone there is cut from the same cloth. Let’s face it, this is a highly specialized highly complicated sector that needs collaboration to succeed. By forcing all to TechEd where there are now 8000 people it will be difficult to continue to cull the Networking relationships that are vital to the Mgmt community.
Vote ID : 5880 MMS is more focused. In teched, you are lost with thousands of different sessions. You meet 3rd party vendor and IT pro that are focusing on System Center.
Vote ID : 5881 its relevant to me!
Vote ID : 5882 Specific information and labs for the underpinnings of any IT shop — deploying OS, apps, group policy and monitoring the infrastructure
Vote ID : 5883 Deep dive sessions focused on a smaller product area.
Vote ID : 5884 MMS provides systems administrators with the deep-dive technical information they require to support, enhance, and maintain the infrastructure required to run an enterprise these days. TechEd marginalizes the management of business systems in favor of the development aspects.
Vote ID : 5885 Focused only on the System Center line and supporting technologies like MDT.
Vote ID : 5887 MMS is a deep dive into management technologies. There is no better way to reinforce and strengthen management skills
Vote ID : 5888 Specific and focused to management
Vote ID : 5889 MMS is more tuned to my job description.
Vote ID : 5891 A group of like minded individuals there to learn/discuss/share their real-world experiences. All based around a suite of products that are growing in the market place and an increasing functionallity and base of knowledgable support folks.
Vote ID : 5892 More narrowly focused, technically focused. Best for sys admins, architects, CTO’s.
Vote ID : 5893 A narrow focus on sys mgmt. If that’s all you do, great~! Many of us however have to wear a lot of hats!
Vote ID : 5894 MMS if for the products that I use
Vote ID : 5895 More focused agenda
Vote ID : 5896 Immersion with peers. Meals and other social interaction (Expo) with a high probablility of relevant discussion of your experience and issues.
Vote ID : 5897 Being focused on Systems Management topics, not getting diluted/distracted by other topics. MMS is smaller than TechEd.
Vote ID : 5898 Specific knowledge for SMS and MOM
Vote ID : 5899 Config Mgr is a large, complex product. As a matter of fact, so are the other Service Center products. There is no training for those products beyond the basic introductory level training class. The only way for me to learn advance level topics is at MMS. The chance to meeet with other administrators and SCCM people from Microsoft is INVALUABLE. I absolutely can’t get that kind of information or exposure anywhere else. As a matter of fact, that is why my supervisor let me attend this year. Every other training class, trip, etc. started being cancelled last Dec. But because of the kind of knowledge we gain at MMS, MMS was the only training\conference not cancelled this year. Not only that, but for the first time ever, they sent two of us to MMS. I think that says a lot about the strength of this conference. If you combine it with TechEd, I worry that the sessions will become watered down and lost among everything else offered during that time. Can TechEd really offer the same focus?
Vote ID : 5900 Good indepth training focused on System Center and related technology. As all attendees work with SC products, we all have something in common, a true meeting of our peers from the US and abroad.
Vote ID : 5901 Interaction with Peers. More in depth in specific areas rather than broad over a wider range
Vote ID : 5902 If you are looking for deeper learning around the management space, MMS is a MUCH better option. Having been to multiple IT conferences/tradeshows over the last fifteen years (both Microsoft sponsored and otherwise), MMS is HANDS DOWN the best event I have ever attended. There isn’t even a close second. From the in depth technical training to the tremendous access to others in the management community, MMS has fostered an environment where connections actually take place among those of us in the management community. We look forward to the management focused event and the opportunity to interact directly with others who operate in the same space. In particular I have appreciated the access I have had to the ConfigMgr product team, dev team and MVPs at the event. I get so much more out of MMS because it is focused on the management space…I don’t end up wasting time sorting through the myriad of other IT spaces.
Vote ID : 5904 100% of the sessions are applicable to my job. TechEd has at most 10%.
Vote ID : 5905 more detailed information on system center. Meeting people and networking with only system center suite administrators. Much easier to find people that work the same products as you.
Vote ID : 5906 Specific content dealing with managing the environment.
Vote ID : 5907 Aimed specifically at SCCM related topics.
Vote ID : 5908 focus.
Vote ID : 5910 attendees are all part of the same core community with similar goals and challenges. content tracksa as a whole are clearly focused, and therefore the sessions are able to go deeper into the day-to-day, advanced tips and tricks, and get under the hood of the technology.
Vote ID : 5911 We have complete focus on MMS; specifically for me with SCCM.
Vote ID : 5912 Systems Management focus. That’s all there is and it fits my job perfectly. The sessions, the vendors, the keynotes and the community…everything is just right.
Vote ID : 5913 Focused Management Technologies and the format designed up to date, provides me all the knowledge I am interested in getting. I ignore the difference of TechEd.
Vote ID : 5914 Special focus on the areas impacting our environment. It is the only place to get the “advanced” learning for system center products.
Vote ID : 5915 More focused, more community-driven, more deep technically.
Vote ID : 5917 more focused on SC and management technologies
Vote ID : 5920 Great community from the wally meads and brad Andersons to the admin of 500 desktops. Always positive and helpful.
Vote ID : 5921 MMS is deep in terms of technology relating to the microsoft management technologies. This is the event of the year for me. I have worked with SMS since version 7 and have gone to MMS every year time and time again. This is the best single source of technical knowledge in the field.
Vote ID : 5922 The focus is deeply on the management space, which is my immediate business concern, and so it addresses my immediate business concerns. I also get a chance to connect and network with peers in my space. Not true for TechEd which is several times larger in scope ans attendance.
Vote ID : 5923 Special attention to management technologies, and tigher focus
Vote ID : 5926 Smaller audience, more labs and geared to those who support only SCCM.SCOM
Vote ID : 5928 MMS is very much aimed at the users of Management Technology and as such the session, breakouts, labs are at a higher level. I’ve always come away knowing that I have learnt a hugh amount of information about product I thought I already know a lot about.
Vote ID : 5929 Majority of sessions based on the Management of Microsoft Systems
Vote ID : 5930 Specialized hand-on-labs, sufficient nitty-griity sessions for System Center, management.
Vote ID : 5931 It is more focused on the area of specialty that TechEd. It is much easier to navigate the activities and sessions; Easier to network with vendors specific to this line of business. Easier to find hotels to stay in.
Vote ID : 5932 MMS had a good focus
Vote ID : 5933 smaller audience that are IT focused, labs and sessions focused on oru needs compared to developers.
Vote ID : 5934 Meeting people focused on System Center products.
Vote ID : 5936 MMS concentrates on SCOM and SCCM. There are not alot of distractions with other venues that don’t apply.
Vote ID : 5937 More focused on my day to day job function.
Vote ID : 5938 Main focus is MMS.
Vote ID : 5939 I don’t know how it compares to TechEd but I can tell you that going to MMS has been helpful to meet people, make contacts with companies, and learn about products that can help our daily work. It’s the community that is helpful. You can learn things in the 75 minute sessions that will save you so much time.
Vote ID : 5940 I’ve only been to MMS.
Vote ID : 5941 It’s in Vegas. Tons of specialized management content.
Vote ID : 5942 Networking! Focused training and technology.
Vote ID : 5943 MMS focuses on System Centre and related products. It has more detailed sessions than TechEd, so I can truly learn on many levels, whereas TechEd provides more of a higher level introduction in many ways.
Vote ID : 5946 MMS has more technical content. You get real answers on every questions from people that actually work with the product and wasn’t just contracted to talk about it like you sometimes get with TechEd. Also, the networking with other people in the same workspace is invaluable. I don’t want to talk to an AD guy at TechEd and an Exchange guy won’t come to talk to me about my experiences. Think about it, a neuro surgeon would not attend a conference on plastic surgery just because someone would talk about surgery in general!
Vote ID : 5947 I can meet and go to events that are specialized just for SCCM. This is what I’m interested in since that’s what I do for my position. If i did excahnge or something else then I would be interested in Tech Ed, but i don’t.
Vote ID : 5948 Management specific topics. MMS is the ONLY conference we in Australia would attend. We sent four delegates to MMS 2009 and we are not sending any to Teched, either in the US or Australia. MMS has the content and the people we need to work with to be able to expand our business.
Vote ID : 5950 Good and deeper exposure to SC products Focus!
Vote ID : 5951 The focus of the System Center and client products!
Vote ID : 5952 The MMS atmosphere to me is hard-core, no IT wimps allowed. It’s also heavly focused on the IT Management side of the house. Vendors don’t teach but a couple classes at MMS.
Vote ID : 5953 1- people are with same intrest (job function) 2- All attendee are Mangement focuse. 3- Session all about managment focuse where it matter for me.
Vote ID : 5954 More focused in the area of systems management. Better networking with folks in the same field.
Vote ID : 5956 more focus
Vote ID : 5957 Rreat hands on info and shared product specific experiances which can be leveredged immediately to improve/enhance SMS/SCC results
Vote ID : 5959 deep focus on sms
Vote ID : 5961 Much richer and deeper content. Better access to MS dev teams. Better representation by community and industry speakers.
Vote ID : 5962 Sharper focus on System Center products, solutions and ‘in the field’ problems and solutions.
Vote ID : 5964 deeper dive into the sms/config mgr topics
Vote ID : 5966 Specialized
Vote ID : 5967 MMS is the only place to receive the specific strategic and technical information I need to properly design, implement and manage large-scale systems management solutions.
Vote ID : 5969 A great opportunity to network and learn about real world solutions.
Vote ID : 5970 Much deeper insight into System Center applications, better networking with peers.
Vote ID : 5972 Everyone at your breakfast table does your job.
Vote ID : 5973 Haven’t been able to yet because of it regularly being hosted in Vegas. I imagine greater focus on the particular technologies, but this can still happen at TechEd as a sub track.
Vote ID : 5974 Very deep technical training and discussion specific to management solutions with like minded attendees. Opportunities to speak with other systems management specialists and vendors targeting the systems management space.
Vote ID : 5980 It seems to be a more focused conference, but I’ve never gone to tech ed, so I can’t compare directly.
Vote ID : 5983 SCCM-centric.
Vote ID : 5984 More direct information pertaining to current technology.
Vote ID : 5987 MMS is very focused on SCCM, Group Policy, and scripting. SCCM administration is challenging and MMS really helps with that.
Vote ID : 5989 Details on: Deployment, best practices, how to support my business, feature understanding and updates.
Vote ID : 5991 TechEd does not have a particular focus on Management, and spands wide over every product. MMS has focus only on management and gives the option to deep-dive and follow tracks. For IT-personel with focus on management, TechEd is really not an option.
Vote ID : 5993 Much more specific, better content, great people

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