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Surface Pro 4 Broken After July Update? You’re Not Alone

Surface Pro 4 Broken After July Update? You’re Not Alone

The initial report was posted to Microsoft’s web-based forums, but has since taken on a life of its own with reports in other places like Reddit and various other online forums. You might remember that we thought it strange that, in July, Microsoft delivered a mass of updates for each Surface device which included firmware and a long list of drivers. Well, apparently, that release has broken operations for some Surface Pro 4 users.

Here’s a list of potential issues:

  • All of the keyboard/pad functions are working including zoom, scroll etc. but no screen-touch or pen response (pen button clicks still open pre-chosen programmes as they should)
  • After being shut down will only start up with long hold on power switch.
  • It now takes ages to restart (used to start in a few dreamy seconds). Begins with completely black screen for about 20 seconds and no visible signs of turning on (lights on Fn key for instance) then the SURFACE screen, then the ring and eventually lock screen.
  • Seems to use the fan more often (it even continued after shut a few times).
  • In device manager the Firmware has an exclamation mark on Surface ME saying: This device cannot start. (Code 10) – An attempt was made to change the attributes on memory that has not been committed.
  • Trouble shooter detects this but can not solve it.
  • The pen/ink section of the Surface App says: the Surface app needs an updated component from Windows Update in order to enable this feature


Microsoft eventually responded to this report…

Thank you for your feedback. We understand the concern and are actively investigating. We will update this response once a fix has been published. Please continue to check for Surface and Windows Updates to ensure your device has the most current firmware and software available.

To be clear, though, we have Surface Pro 4’s here and have experience none of the reported problems, so, your mileage may vary. For those affected, Microsoft should deliver a fix or workaround soon.


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