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Microsoft Surface / Patch Management / Patch Tuesday

Surface Pro 3 Gets a Security Boost from New Firmware Update

Surface Pro 3 Gets a Security Boost from New Firmware Update

Without going into detail, Microsoft has delivered a sole update for its the Surface Pro 3 tablet.

The update brings the Surface firmware to  version 3.11.2450.0.

The description states only that…

3.11.2450.0 improves device security

After seeing so many of Microsoft’s devices gets gaggles of firmware and driver updates during the last month, its strange to see the Surface Pro 3 get only a single update. Its also particularly odd that the update is for bolstering security and that Microsoft has not stated the reasons behind it. Of course, Microsoft has yet to explain the out of the ordinary delivery of multitudes of updates, either.

The update is available through Windows Update, or for those that are tasked with updating devices in a company, the files are here:

Surface Pro 3 files

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