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Windows 10

Surface Book 2 Hammered by November 27, 2018—KB4467682 Windows 10 Update

Surface Book 2 Hammered by November 27, 2018—KB4467682 Windows 10 Update

UPDATE: Since posting about this confirmed bug, we’ve learned that there are additional bugs brought on by this cumulative update for Surface Book 2 devices. In all cases, uninstalling the cumulative update solves the problem. Even if you are not experiencing the exact bug we’ve noted in this article but are seeing strange issues with your Surface Book 2 once this update has been installed, your first step should be to uninstall this update until Microsoft can get its act together.

UPDATE/UPDATE: Microsoft Cumulative Update that Bluescreens Surface Book 2 Hits the Final Stage of Grief, Gets Sidelined

Original article…

Microsoft’s ability to insert bugs into its software and operating systems is now taking its turn with the company’s own hardware.

Reported originally on Reddit, the problem has now gained widespread reports. The update from November 27, 2018 (KB4467682), which is a cumulative update for Windows 10 1803, is causing bluescreens for Microsoft’s Surface Book 2 devices.

The bluescreen happens without warning and after a reboot, a simple, cryptic message of…


Until Microsoft acknowledges the problem and begins architecting a fix, uninstalling the update will resolve the problem for now.


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