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State of the Cloud from IT/Dev Connections 2017

I have a cool job. That’s a given. I’ve worked conferences for almost 25 years and I get to use that experience to create one of the most fantastic conferences in IT/Dev Connections.

During those 25 years, conferences have come and gone. The conference world has changed from time-to-time and then circled back on itself a few times, too. The ride has been invigorating, satisfying, and very eye-opening. Unlike other conference organizers, I like to stay engaged with our attendees to hear their feedback (and react to it), but also to get a real-world sense of what they are experiencing in their everyday professional lives.

Just only a couple years ago, IT/Dev Connections content focus was primarily for on-premises operations with a little cloud thrown in. Many attendees were still wary of mixing the cloud into their environments – either partially or fully. Speaking with attendees in 2015, many were purposely keeping cloud at arm’s length and believed that the value of the cloud wouldn’t be realized for another 5-10 years.

But, that has shifted significantly.

As Microsoft, Amazon, Google, and others have continued to improve, innovate, and enhance, the cloud has become a more trustworthy platform. What was once a 5-10 year prospect, many customers are now deeply involved in pushing on-premises operations to the cloud with renewed timelines of 3-5 years, and the hybrid cloud is the belle of the ball.

The content for IT/Dev Connections continues to evolve perfectly in-synch with the times. We have architected the conference this way, somewhat ingeniously, I might add. The content is led by our Track Chairs who have intimate working knowledge within their respective fields. A lot of conferences – particularly vendor-owned conferences – are going to deliver a filtered message about their own technologies. They deliver the content they want you to hear. This is the reason why our content is formed by Track Chairs instead of a marketing group.

The state of the cloud is strong and growing into a more solid message almost daily. I fully expect IT/Dev Connections 2018 in Dallas to be top-heavy with cloud. For example, even our Developer track next year will have more cloud focus as Chander Dhall and I have already discussed renaming the track to “Developer and Big Data.”

And, we’re planning to thicken our coverage of security – and might possibly break out this topic into its own track. There were several security sessions at IT/Dev Connections 2017 with standing room-only access.

Stay tuned, the cloud is shaping all our lives.


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