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Software updates and user notification

Here’s a AutoIt scipt to notify users when their computers are in pending reboot, following a Software update deployment with SCCM. Basicly, script will scan the registry and check if the computers are in pending reboot (due to deployment of the update via SCCM). If so, it Will use the windows updates icon(detect which icon to use  for  WinXP, 2003, Win 7 and 2008) in the systray and allow users to reboot from a onclick function and Show has traytip each 15 mins. Moreover, It will also detect the OS language (in this case French and English)  and use it for the notification.


note, if you compile the script in 32-bit version and execute on a 64-bit position, you must copy the DLL to the directory the script, otherwise it can not find the icon

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