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Software Reclamation: How to Save Big Using an Enterprise App Store

Many companies are looking to reduce their overall spending on new software and increase the utilization of the software they have already purchased. Software licenses, maintenance, and renewals make up a large part of an enterprise budget and organizations can cut spending on software by as much as 30 percent with some basic Software License Optimization best practices.  The removal of unused applications can ultimately lead to a reduction in the volume of licenses the company is required to purchase, and can also reduce maintenance costs.

Software reclamation is a key tactic to reduce future spending on software

A large global customer with over 150,000 employees, recently launched a software reclamation strategy to prepare for an upcoming license renewal with two major software vendors—Microsoft and Adobe.  Using Flexera Software App Portal, they created a reclamation campaign by configuring My Apps for automated software reclamation. My Apps is the capability in App Portal that gives employees one place to view license cost and usage information for applications installed on their devices and involves them in the Software License Optimization process. After running for just seven days over 10,000 installations of the three software titles had been reclaimed, with an estimated license value of more than $4.5 million US dollars.

Installation evidence and usage data from FlexNet Manager Suite powers My Apps, which notifies users with alerts and a list of unused applications installed on their device with the option to keep them or surrender applications so the license can be returned to the available license pool. When the user surrenders the application, App Portal manages the process to uninstall the application via tight integration with software deployment tools such as Microsoft SCCM.  Even if there is no uninstall program, the Smart Uninstall capability coordinates with FlexNet Manager to determine key metadata and creates uninstall commands for applications based on Windows Installer technology.

FlexNet Manager Suite returns the license to the license pool when the inventory data indicates that the application is no longer installed on that user’s device. In addition, App Portal supports a flexible software leasing model in which business users lease an application for a specified period of time, another tactic that can further reduce costs and provide a more predictable software budgets. The application is reclaimed and the license is returned to the license pool when the lease expires.

Big Benefits, with Minimal Employee Impact

The reclamation campaign had minimal impact on the employee population. Out of 10,000 individual software uninstalls, only three employees declined the request for removal, indicating they were using the software and needed to keep it. Twelve employees responded with questions about how to obtain the software if they need it in the future. One benefit of using the enterprise app store to do reclamation is that employees are able to request software through self-service and have the application installed in minutes if they need it again.

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Tim DavisTimothy Davis is a Senior Product Marketing Manager at Flexera Software, and has worked in global marketing at high-tech firms such as BMC Software, VeriSign, McAfee, and Lotus. With over 25 years of experience in enterprise software, he has gained a deep understanding of the business challenges faced by IT organizations in enterprises of all sizes. Specializing in IT Service Management and Operations, Tim develops content that translates product features into real business benefits that help IT leaders learn about new and developing technologies that drive IT efficiency and improve customer satisfaction.

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