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Software Asset Management (SAM) in the Cloud

The point of offering SAM services in the Cloud is basically the same reason as any other software as a service (SasS) is being offered these days. The key reason is for organizations to reduce the cost of hosting the service themselves. I’ve seen lots of SAM service providers offering this service but not all of them leverage Microsoft SCCM. Here is a good high-level explanation of Atea’s service posted by the SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) team as a bit of a success story for combining the power of Microsoft’s Azure, SQL Server and SCCM. The only thing that isn’t clear to me in this example is how the purchase information and entitlements are entered into the mix. Since the blog focuses more on the technology of tool, the author may have chosen to leave that information out.

SAM services in the cloud is a great way to get started with a SAM program with out the hefty startup cost. Most SAM SaaS service providers offer subscription pricing.

Click the link to read more information about Atea.

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Dana has been working in the IT industry for over 15 years, mostly with Microsoft System Center CM2007/SMS and recently with Software Asset Management (SAM) technologies and processes. Dana got his start with technical writing by submitting Systems Management Server (SMS) 2.0/2003 articles to back in 2000. He continued that effort with myITforum. Dana also published two SMS books entitled Distributing Software with Systems Management Server 2003 and The Start to Finish Guide to SMS Software Delivery.

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  1. It is wise to use Software Asset Management, but technicians should be trained well in order to avoid losing time and making mistakes. In comparison, this is a great solution since traditional method cannot handle all things.

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