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SMS/ConfigMgr Community Member Needs Help to Save His House

If you’ve been in the community for a long time, you’ll remember Chuck Young. Chuck was a go-getter. He was the first to deploy massive updates to SMS/ConfigMgr in production over a weekend and then report back to the entire community about what broke and what to avoid. His enthusiasm for SMS/ConfigMgr is a hallmark of what this community was, is, and always will be – GIVING.

There’s a selfless air to this community that is second to none. And, quite frankly, without personalities like Chuck, this community (and possibly ConfigMgr) wouldn’t even exist. And, there are definitely some MVPs who would never have been awarded without the community spirit members like Chuck infused.

Chuck and his wife actually married at the Microsoft Management Summit 2003. And, who remembers in 2002 when Chuck and Paul Thomsen swapped shirts onstage at the myITforum party hosted by Wise Solutions? Chuck loved this community. SMS/ConfigMgr and myITforum brought people together from every area in the world and gave them a common bond that, I believe, transcends the short time some of the community members actively take part in it. Once part of this community, always part of this community.

Chuck and his family are down on their luck – hard. Chuck is out of a job due to injury. His wife was diagnosed with cancer and still needs more surgery. And, the bills continue to pile up. We’ve all been there. We all know what its like to be at rock bottom and then be lifted up, sometimes by a single moment or a single individual seemingly out of nowhere.

But, Chuck is not asking us to pay his bills. He just wants to keep his house. Without $3,000 in back taxes Chuck will lose his house in 30 days and his wife and daughter will be homeless. We started moving the forces last week when we first found out about Chuck’s plight, and we’ve supplied about half of what Chuck needs already. In this missive my intent is to ensure that this community continues to live up to its theme of giving and that we pull behind a memorable community member and give his family a blessing in a time of true need.

Chuck is not asking for thousands of dollars. He just wants to take care of his family. I know this has to be hard for Chuck – but think about it – wouldn’t you like to know that this community has your back the next time you need it?

Chuck has a fundraiser page on GoFundMe where you can donate as little or as much as you feel led. You can even give anonymously.

Participate here: Please help us keep our house

Thanks for anything you can do, and thanks for being part of this strong community. And please, make sure to share this giving opportunity with peers, colleagues, friends, and family.

Prayers are also welcome.

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