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SMS 2003 – Disk space issue

Hi All,

today when I was doing the SCCM/SMS health check, i noticed one of the low level primary sites servers had not send any information to the parent and the communication was "dead" for a few hours

when I connected to the server to validate it, i discovered that it had a disk space issue (the sms drive was with 0 bytes free).

looking on what it could be, i noticed couple of new .pck files, but each one was really large (1.5+ gb) and it used the whole disk.

to "fix" the issue, i created the SMSPKG on another drive and update the sql with the new information

basically, i ran the following sql for each package i moved

UPDATE PkgStatus SET Location = ‘\\<servername>\C$\SMSPKG\<PkgID>.PCK' WHERE Sitecode = '<SiteCode>' and Type = 1 and ID = '<PkgID>'

after this, SMS server started working fine again…

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