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PowerShell / SharePoint

SharePointDsc v3.2 Released

SharePointDsc v3.2 Released
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After just over two months, the Microsoft SharePoint team has delivered SharePointDSC

The DSC module is used to deploy and configure SharePoint Server 2013, 2016 and 2019, and covers a wide range of areas including web apps, service apps, and farm configuration.

Download now: SharePointDSC

Improvements in this version:

  • Changes to SharePointDsc unit testing
    • Implemented Strict Mode version 1 for all code run during unit tests.
    • Changed InstallAccount into PSDscRunAsCredential parameter
  • SPAuthenticationRealm
    • A new resource for setting farm authentication realm
  • SPConfigWizard
    • Updated PSConfig parameters according to recommendations in the blog post of Stefan Gossner
  • SPDistributedCacheService
    • Fixed exception on Stop-SPServiceInstance with SharePoint 2019
  • SPFarm
    • Improved logging
    • Added ability to manage the Developer Dashboard settings
  • SPFarmSolution
    • Fixed issue where uninstalling a solution would not work as expected if it contained web application resources.
  • SPIncomingEmailSettings
    • A new resource for configuring incoming email settings
  • SPInstallPrereqs
    • Improved logging
    • Corrected detection for Windows Server 2019
    • Corrected support for Windows Server 2019 for SharePoint 2016
  • SPProductUpgrade
    • Fixed issue where upgrading SP2013 would not properly detect the installed version
    • Fixed issue where the localized SharePoint 2019 CU was detected as a Service Pack for a Language Pack
  • SPSearchAuthorativePage
    • Fixed issue where modifying the search query would not target the correct search application
  • SPSearchResultSource
    • Updated resource to allow localized ProviderTypes
  • SPServiceAppSecurity
    • Updated resource to allow localized permission levels
  • SPServiceInstance
    • Added -All switch to resolve “Unable to locate service application” in SP2013
  • SPSite
    • Improved logging
  • SPUserProfileProperty
    • Fix user profile property mappings does not work
  • SPUserProfileServiceApp
    • Added warning message when MySiteHostLocation is not specified. This is currently not required, which results in an error. Will be corrected in SPDsc v4.0 (is a breaking change).
  • SPUserProfileSyncConnection
    • Fixed issue where test resource never would return true for any configurations on SharePoint 2016/2019
    • Fixed issue where updating existing connection never would work for any configurations on SharePoint 2016/2019
    • Updated documentation to reflect that Fore will not impact configurations for SharePoint 2016/2019. Updated the test method accordingly.
  • SPUserProfileSyncService
    • Fixed issue where failure to configure the sync service would not throw an error
  • SPWebAppPeoplePickerSettings
    • Converted password for access account to secure string. Previously the resource would fail to set the password and an exception was thrown that printed the password in clear text.
  • SPWebAppPolicy
    • Fixed issue where parameter MembersToExclude did not work as expected
  • SPWorkflowService
    • Added support for specifying scope name.
    • Added support for detecting incorrect configuration for scope name and WorkflowHostUri

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