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Server 2012 and VMware Workstation 8.0.4 build-744019

With the release of Windows Server 2012 to TechNet and MSDN I started the job of rebuilding my home lab (Hyper-V) and my demo setup on my laptop (Windows 7 and VMware Workstation)

Server 2012 installed fine on VMware until I installed the VMware tools, after that the server would not boot and when it did the screen was just black. After looking at the settings I came across this one




Accelerate 3D graphics

Select this setting if you run applications that use DirectX 9 accelerated graphics. Accelerated graphics capabilities apply to Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7 guests on hosts running Windows or Linux.

The virtual machine must be a Workstation 6.x or later virtual machine and must have VMware Tools installed from Workstation 7.x or later


To access the setting click on VM and go to settings, select the ‘Display’ option and select ‘Accelerate 3D Graphics’




And it all started working again.

Now to work on my Hyper-V lab….

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  1. Awesome, Thanks, it worked for me too! Thanks again for sharing and saving me time. First I had to power down Server 2012 before I was able to mark the check box for “Accelerate 3D graphics” under the display settings in VMware Workstation 8.0.5 build-893925 running on my Windows 7 laptop.

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