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Security Best Practices in Software Deployment

Packaging, deploying and managing software across an increasing number of diverse endpoints is hard enough, let alone worrying about security vulnerabilities. I recently had the opportunity to work with Adam Bertram –a.k.a. Adam the Automator, a Microsoft Powershell MVP–on this webinar recording.

Adam talked about how security is becoming an increasingly important topic for end user computing professionals. Protecting enterprises against cyber security attacks is a critical job, and requires a collaborative effort among service management, operation, and security teams to monitor and patch applications that are proliferating across devices and in enterprise data centers.

He covers what to look out for, the biggest patching and security compliance pain points, as well as strategies to embed security into an automated Application Readiness process.

If you are involved in packaging and deploying applications in your organization, then be sure to watch Adam as he provides tips from the real world and reviews Application Readiness best practices.

Watch this webinar if you struggle with any of these pain points:

  • Hundreds of thousands of applications
  • Increasingly complex and heterogeneous environments
  • Vastly different user requirements
  • Challenges in gaining control over inventory
  • Faster pace of update releases from vendors
  • Increasing importance of patching security vulnerabilities

Security doesn’t have to be a manual process. You can use automation to ease the burden so you can get back to innovating. Watch it now!

Watch this Redmond Tech Advisor webinar featuring Adam the Automator

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Timothy Davis is a Senior Product Marketing Manager at Flexera Software, and has worked in global marketing at high-tech firms such as BMC Software, VeriSign, McAfee, and Lotus. With over 25 years of experience in enterprise software, he has gained a deep understanding of the business challenges faced by IT organizations in enterprises of all sizes. Specializing in IT Service Management and Operations, Tim develops content that translates product features into real business benefits that help IT leaders learn about new and developing technologies that drive IT efficiency and improve customer satisfaction.

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