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Secure Your SCCM Environment by Keeping an Eye on Third-Party Application Patching


Cyber attacks are on the rise, with many security breaches hitting enterprises through vulnerabilities in unpatched applications. When it comes to patching Windows OS and Microsoft applications, a great System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) infrastructure allows administrators to quickly secure their network against attacks. However, patching third-party applications in SCCM is a different story.

Patching third-party applications through the SCUP catalog or via packaging is tedious and time-consuming. This difficulty makes many admins lenient about patching third-party applications, causing a major loophole in SCCM. It’s important to note that patches for third-party applications can be just as crucial as those for Windows. Even though third-party patches aren’t prioritized, strong enterprise security comes down to patching all applications in your network.

Severe Threats Caused by Third-Party Vulnerabilities

Knowing that enterprises often give more importance to patching OS and Microsoft applications, hackers are targeting various third-party applications across vendor sites. These vulnerabilities affect computers via unpatched third-party applications and cause severe threats like system slowdowns, constant system crashes, downloads of unwanted executables, unusual network activity, malware installation, and more.

Mitigating These Vulnerabilities

The best way to mitigate the impact of these vulnerabilities is to patch every application in your network. As mentioned earlier, patching Windows and Microsoft applications is an easy task for SCCM administrators, but third-party patching has always been a headache. Third-party patching in SCCM involves various tasks even if the third-party applications’ package is readily available. Imagine how difficult it would be if you had to manually look for the application updates on vendor sites, create packages, import the package SCUP, publish the patches to your update server, then deploy them in SCCM. In the time it would take to manually patch these third-party updates, your systems would likely already have been affected by some kind of third-party vulnerability.

Patch Connect Plus Automates Third-Party Patching in SCCM

ManageEngine offers the solution you need to quickly patch all your third-party applications: Patch Connect Plus. Patch Connect Plus gives you granular control over which applications are patched, and when. If you’re ever struck with a wave of third-party vulnerabilities, you can rest assured that the danger is kept at bay with Patch Connect Plus. Download Patch Connect Plus to patch your third-party applications with ease.

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