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SCCM2007 PostSP2 Agent Fixes


Have you installed all related SCCM2007 PostSP2 Hotfixes on the SCCM Agents… ? Are you sure that the fixes are really in place ?
It seems that the installation Order is important to have successfully updated Agents. As an example, KB2276865 will not install the related Files if the Patch will be installed in a wrong order (at least in my current environment)…

The following Table does show the installation order for the current PostSp2 Agent Hotfixes (or at least all I’m aware of):

Hotfix HotfixLevel Inst Order Comment
KB977203 111 1 for Multicast enabled DP’s (replaces Mcsisapip.dll)
KB978754 115 2 OSDCore.dll (4.0.6487.2115)
KB981639 134   Superseeded by KB2691428
KB2276865 152 3  
KB2278119 154   Superseeded by KB977384
KB977384 157 4  
KB2444668 161   Superseeded by KB2691428
KB2516517 177 5  
KB2509007 188 6  
KB2691428 198 7 Ai rollup Fix


You should check your SCCM Agents if the following Files are in place:



The following Tool will check the File Versions on the local Client to detect missing Hotfixes:

(Microsoft .NET Framework 4 and SQL Server Compact 3.5 required)

Let me know if there are any other Updates that are not on this list…

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