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Sccm reports and users management

Here’s some reports I’ve create to help our technical support team with the management of users in Active directory,

So the first report will give you a count of users by  status, Enable, Disable, Password Set to never Expired, Account Expired and Stale Account ( which as exceed their threshold of 90 days). Also, with the ability to get a list of all user accounts with a specific status, ex; all expired Account or All users account with password set to never expired.

And the second report will count users by OU, with the ability to drill down and get the users informations in the selected OU and then get the group membership of a selected Users.

First Report;

Count user accounts in a specific state

All Users in a specific state

Second Report;

User Accouts by OU

All Users in the selected OU

Group Membership for a selected user

First Report,

Second Report,

Original post;



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