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Sccm – Last Logon Timestamp, Last Password Set, and other BigInt vs reporting

Often I had to convert BigInt attributes discovered by Sccm for reporting. Whether to create reports about the LastPasswordSet, lastogontimestamp, etc . So here’s an example of the query I use in these situations;


(SELECT User_Name0 as ‘UserName’,
DATEADD(mi,(lastLogontimeStamp0 / 600000000) – 157258080,0) AS ‘LLTS’,
DATEADD(mi,(PwdLastSet0 / 600000000) – 157258080,0) AS ‘PLS’,
GivenName0 as ‘FirstName’ ,
sn0 as ‘LastName’

into #SMSClt FROM v_R_User WHERE PwdLastSet0 <> 0)

CASE WHEN #SMSClt.FirstName IS NULL THEN ‘Unknow’ ELSE #SMSClt.FirstName END as ‘First Name’,
CASE WHEN #SMSClt.LastName IS NULL THEN ‘Unknow’ ELSE #SMSClt.LastName END as ‘First Name’,
#SMSClt.LLTS as ‘Last Logon Timestamp Date’,
Datediff(DAY, #SMSClt.LLTS, GETDATE()) As ‘Last Logon Time Stamp (DAYS)’,
#SMSClt.PLS as ‘Last Password Set Date’,
DateDiff(Day, #SMSClt.PLS, GETDATE()) As ‘Last Password Set (DAYS)’

DROP table #SMSClt

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