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SCCM Hum!!! In SCCM Software Updates Wizard, Only under certain conditions the wizard will prompt for a deployment package location!

I just noticed something while attempting to improve the patch management process in SCCM. If a attempt to deploy a set of software updates that have already been downloaded and stored, but some of those updates are stored in one package and some stored in another package. During the deployment Wizard you will be prompted to select a deployment package to store the updates in. If you do this, you …will have duplicated storing some of the selected updates across 2 deployment packages. But if you ensure you are only deploying updates that are stored in one package, you will not be prompted for a deployment package. This do make since, but I discovered this after re-deploying and setting up software updates 18 times trying to find the most optimal way of setting and managing software updates.

The reason why this is important to Phoenixtekk is because we sometimes go into organization that will have a new SCCM environment that we may be implementing or existing environments where SCCM has been in place which makes the engagement a cleanup effort or improvement service.

I thought I share that finding…


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