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SCCM Guru Self-service

So, recently, we’ve announced several neat pieces about the SCCM Guru webcast series, where you can do thing like download all the slide decks from 2011, view all of the webcasts from 2011 on a single page, join the Normalize CM open beta, and even subscribe to the new SCCM Guru series in iTunes

But, that logo…everyone wants that logo!  The SCCM Guru logo was even mentioned during the massive System Center Universe event on January 20th!   I sometimes think people attend the SCCM Guru webcast series just to get the T-shirt that is offered free to all attendees.

Today, we’re announcing another SCCM Guru first and something really special: The SCCM Guru SWAG store.  Now, you can get the SCCM Guru logo goodness *anytime* you want.  Just drop out to the SWAG store and order-up your favorite item emblazoned with the SCCM Guru logo.

Get your SCCM Guru goodies!

The SCCM Guru SWAG store link:

And, in the future, if you forget the link, find out by navigating the myITforum menu:

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