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SCCM Guru 7 Only 48 Hours to Go

Wow, what a week the System Center Community is having! Wednesday through Friday of last week there was the System Center Universe webcast sandwiched between CTSMUG’s days with Wally Mead. It was awesome and there should be nearly 24 hours of awesome System Center 2012 content at those links already or coming soon. Also, on Thursday TrueSec had a Virtual Release Party: Deployment Fundamentals Volume ll. If you want to know anything about Deployment they are the place to go. This week EminentWare has their Secrets of System Center series where they are going to look at Collection Tips and Tricks.


Are you tired, yet? I know I am just thinking about all the info they are cramming into our brains!

But, wait, there is more. Like the perfect flambé, the cherry in a hot fudge sundae, or the last moments of the Titanic before it slipped beneath the waves, there is one more web cast this week and you need to be there. That’s right, I get to pilot the 7th SCCM Guru Webcast. and while I’ll attempt to stay away from the treacherous coral reef, this very well might be the last one if I somehow sink that formerly watertight skull and parrot feathers.

Why should you be there?

Because I’m NOT going to talk about:

  • System Center 2012
  • Client Health
  • Microsoft Deployment Technologies
  • Desired Configuration Management
  • Packaging Software
  • The Cloud
  • Drivespace 6.0
  • Casey Anthony, or
  • The 2012 US Presidential Election.

What I AM going to talk about is

  1. System Center 2007 infrastructure
  2. Drive Space (the real kind)
  3. Site health checks and Reports
  4. Diagnostic Tools
  5. Status Messages
  6. Where to go for help.
    • Bonus! I’ll demo a report I created to show Site Systems with too little drive space!

So come one come all to

Check Your Site Before You Wreck Your Site with Reed Porter (My frank and sincere apologies to Ice Cube)

For past webcast replays and future SCCM Guru topics go to:

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  1. You’ll do great – looking forward to it 🙂

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