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SCCM Genius series Episode 1 replay and PowerPoint deck available now

What a great way to start our new SCCM Guru series offshoot, the Genius series.  It was an awesome event, even though I may have taken up most of the time by myself.  Hopefully, everyone found a lot of value in what I had to say, and it really builds the base for our future events.

If you missed it, or want to here it again, the replay is now up: 

REPLAY: Thursday, April 5 ~ Episode 1A Deep Dive into Your SCCM Data from Normalize CM Using SCCM 2012

And, you can download the PowerPoint deck here:

A Deep Dive into Your SCCM Data from Normalize CM Using SCCM 2012 (3.3m) – This is the PowerPoint deck from the April 5th, 2012 SCCM Guru Genius event with myITforum CEO, Rod Trent, and guest Genius, John Nelson.

I really want to thank our very 1st guest Genius, John Nelson, for pitching in and donating his time and genius to the new series!

Check out and register for the upcoming Genius and SCCM Guru events:

And, make sure to check out the Genius contest (all are welcome to participate):

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  1. Thank you everyone for your questions during the webcast, I will post in the following comments the Genius Q&A.

  2. Frank van Geesink
    Q: Great Pic again, will there be new shirts 😉

    Laura Pauli
    A: Hi Frank! I sure hope so! 🙂 Laura

  3. Mark Wilcox
    Q: A hat would be better with the new logo.
    Laura Pauli
    A: mark, great idea!!! stay tuned. check in at the next webcast 🙂 thanks! Laura

  4. Eric Ellison
    Q: Jackets would be awesome for this winter. 🙂

    Laura Pauli
    A: Eric, I’ll add that to the list 🙂 thanks, Laura

  5. Daniel de la Garza
    Q: the 150 queries would be an addition to the default ones in SCCM?

    DuShawn Marshall
    Q: Both would be nice!

    Danny Leung
    A: Yes, the 150 queries are in addition to the standard SCCM queries

  6. James Tsangaropoulos
    Q: Can you load your licensing information – or can you take direct feeds from manufacturer (i.e. Microsoft MVLA) for comparing licensing compliance?

    Danny Leung
    A: No, you cannot load your purchasing information. This has to be done externally.

  7. James Tsangaropoulos
    Q: In the example how does the product know if it is compatible with Windows 7?

    Danny Leung
    A: Once Normalized, the data are enriched with the information from the catalog. Our catalog “Technopedia” contains the Win 7 compatibility values

  8. Dawn Molloy
    Q: Is it possible to research Win 7 compatibility by application in general instead of application on a single machine?

    Danny Leung
    A: Correct, you can search by Application. Also, you can use our pre-puild SSRS reports to search by application, or by compatibility status.

    John Nelson
    A: Dawn, I think I can help you out since I know your situation. The data you’re seeing is likely an internal report, not something pre-canned from BDNA. We can talk about it internally if you’d like.

  9. Britney Carpenter
    Q: Will a link be provided as to how we can watch this webcast later or share with other folks in our office?

    Laura Pauli
    A: yes, on myITforum or

    Laura Pauli
    A: It will also be posted on YouTube and iTunes!

  10. Jeff Baker
    Q: Thanks everyone, it was informative

  11. Britney Carpenter
    Q: Where can we find the 150 queries? We just installed BDNA 2.2.1 but don’t see what you are referring to?

    Danny Leung
    A: The 150 queries are in Normalize CM 3.0. Not in Normalize 2.2.1

    A: You can find the list of the 150 Queries/Collections/Reports in the installation guide. Just register to and you will receive an email with the installation guide.

  12. Curtis Ricard
    Q: do you need to be @ MMS to win?

    Laura Pauli
    A: No you don’t Curtis

    Laura Pauli
    A: go to and check it out!

  13. Doug Sullivan
    Q: Can someone be sure to discuss the pricing model and budget pricing for Normalize

    Matthew Kline
    Q: How much is the normalize CM

    Frank van Geesink
    Q: Is there a link for the price of Normalize CM

    Danny Leung
    A: Pricing info is on

  14. Charlie Hawkins
    Q: any last comments on powershell integration?

    John Nelson
    A: Charlie, any idea of what in particular you’re looking for powershell wise?

  15. JR Flynn
    Q: I really enjoyed the 30,000 foot view but I can’t wait to dive into the details!

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