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SCCM Client Center released

Thanks to Mark Whitte for reporting and fixing!!! some Issues on SCCM Client Center (the one for SCCM 2007).

Version includes the following changes:

  • Bug: Slp doesn’t clear after connecting to a computer/new computer
  • Bug: Getting services can be called multiple times.
  • Bug: Getting Execution history over Remote registry sometimes fails (seen with connections)->Add more meaningful message to error showing that the RemoteRegistry Service  needs to be running
  • Bug: The Show advertisement button should clear the lower detail pane
  • Bug: The Show execution history button should clear tool tip at start
  • Bug: When connection fails the connected button should not read connected  (happens if a successful connection was previously established)
  • Bug: Show schedules is slow to start. Looks like the first time we check if  64bit it takes a long time to determine, subsequent checks are cached.
  • Feature Request: Can the about box show in the taskbar?
  • Feature Request: Add more columns to Process View
  • Feature Request: Make Process View filterable
  • Feature Request: Add branch distribution support

The MSI on  is updated and includes the latest Version.

For existing Installations, an update can be downloaded from:


And a final Note: The CM12 Version is growing at… please place your feature requests (or vote on existing requests) and Issues on the project page.

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