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SCCM 2012 – Firewall for Remote Access

Hi All, SCCM gives you the ability to remote access to client machines. This is not new as this feature has been there for quite a while. Interesting is that SCCM gives you 3 options for remote access: 1- Remote Tools (Remote Control). This is a “SCCM feature” 2- Remote Assistance: This is a “Windows Feature” and what SCCM does is to set local GPO to allow/block access 3- Remote Desktop: This is also a “Windows Feature” and again, SCCM only set local GPO to allow/block access. What is really interesting here is what happen “behind” the scenes regarding firewall. When you open the client settings for remote access, the 1st option is to enable/disable and also configure the firewall. There are many people that think that once you enable, SCCM will enable the firewall for all 3 options..but unfortunately this does not happen. The only rule SCCM does manage…

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